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    this is all Bullcr@p

    During my teenage years in the early 90s when I used to watch The Discovery Channel, for the History, Dinosour and Astronomic documentaries, just before all the realities and murder shows that are today

    I learn about Precession or Platonic or Great Year, and then they where sidenote on magazzines and little comments on the documentaries that the Zodiac today should be moved at least 1.5 positions and I also learnt that thw original sumerian zodiac had 13 signs and the egiptians had like 32 or something.


    What's all the fuzz with this now? I mean, doesn't people have stuff to do? too much freetime? damn you internet!

    and If the world it's going to end by late 2012, the world would've been destroying itself since the 70s!. I'm talking here like land masses submerge and emerge by now. The universe is not an on/off switch people, all those dramatic changes accour Gradually

    Oh and also if that nibiru is going to come to bring back the anunaki or destroy earth. Shouldn't it be visible by now?

    oh wait it is! look:

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    'Let's Party like it's 1984'

    Oh wait that didn't happen either
    Y2K was a dud as well
    One day something will level us though-- probably a meteorite and we will be relegated to the dinosaur scrapheap
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Crazy_Goanna:
    'Let's Party like it's 1984'

    Oh wait that didn't happen either </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Entirely debatable.

    If you went back to the 30s and told the average American what things were like today... and handed them a copy of 1984... I'm sure they'd be more than a bit horrified.
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    Whilst I've personally never believed that the position of the constellations has any effect on peoples behavior, I did see an article a while back in New Scientist that raised an interesting side note.

    A correlation was found between peoples personality types and the time of year that they were born (and also, obviously, conceived). Whilst this loosely corresponded to the traditional 'star signs' it had more to do with the amount of sunlight your mother received whilst being pregnant and the level of nutrition she was consuming.

    I think it was only relevant to the northern hemisphere (or was reversed in the southern hemisphere) and with the advent of imported foodstuffs the effect is no longer as pronounced as it used to be.

    Just makes you think. Maybe some other supposedly 'irrational' ideas may be a real effect but be attributed to something spiritual or the like that has yet to be explained (or even bothered to be investigated)

    pip pip,

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    It is good sign in astrology that reflect our nature or power of our life.
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