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    I expalined to Oleg that for 1600x1200 users the new dots were great because they were too hard to see and planes would disappear. I also explained that any solution to the dot visibility debate would hopefully be resolution dependent. Here was his response:

    "We already did new as compromise for all. It looks like old 3.0, but will be not depending of screen resolution.
    To make it selectable by user means that we will need to make so many change for the online code (becasue that all player in this case should have one the same type and size for the fair gameplay), which is impossible to make in a patch....."

    I believe he is stating that there is a new solution that will look like old dots but will not be dependent on resolution. If that is true that is great news for me.

    As far as making it option for user, I didn't request that it be made a user option because I felt people might try to game the game, and I am glad that Oleg agrees. Though I think he took my question as a request to do so , I just requested that fix be resolution dependent.

    I would be interested in how others interpret his response.

    Finally I would just like to thank Oleg for taking the time to answer my questions, it is greatly appreciated as I know he is very busy. His dedication to his customers cannot be questioned IMHO. I thanked him in my e-mail for everything he has done and for the great work on 3.01, and he replied with a kind response but one that has me worried. But I will not post more on that as I don't feel as though it was meant to be made public, or needs to be. Just keep in mind how fortunate we are to have Oleg and his team creating such high quality products.
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    I`m sure what Oleg`s got ready will be a reasonable compromise....
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    Thank you Hunde, good news.
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    Since I hated the old dots at 1024X768 (couldn't see them) this is a worrisome development. I'll take a wait and see approach, but if I lose these dots I may not want to go beyond 3.01.
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    thank you Oleg.I love you
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    I like the new dots too...
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    Thanks for sharing this with us.
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    Funny Seafire, I also said exactly that in my e-mail to Oleg.
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    Hunde, we totally missed the problem with the new dots, as did I because my computer crashed not long after Patch and my first experiments with the new dots. Now with my new computer I have figured out the problem with both new and old dots, and its only partially resolution dependent, but also depends on the variables Oleg programs into the Default dotranges that most of us use (only offline simmers seem interested in mp_dotrange, odd, as "mp" is for "multi play."

    One problem with the old single+pixel dots is that the aircraft went from aircraft grafic of many pixels directly to single dot of light grey. This is why all simmers have posted that the aircraft "vanish" when the aircraft goes from grafic to single pixel dot.

    The old small dots are realistic for long ranges like 8km.

    The new dots are realistic for medium range like 4km.

    The problem with old dots is the entire range was represented with one (1) pixel for tiny dot even at medium 4km range. The problem with the new Default Patch 3.01 dots is they remain large even out long range like 8km range--this explains Heinz' thread about not being able to judge basic range from the new dots--the same size for all ranges out to long range. Of course the same argument applies to the old dots--single pixel size represent all ranges medium to long range.

    Below is link how to get "new" dots at medium range and "old" dots at long range, with continuous change in between.

    ~> http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums?a=t...3&m=1751051542
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    Lexx, I think Oleg has settled on a solution for now, all we can do is wait and see.

    As I said resolution may only be part of the problem and I found the thread about mid-range visibility very interesting. If possible please put together a collection of information and state your case to Oleg. If sent politely and with detailed explanation I am sure he will give you an answer. I think many people have good points and things to contribute, its putting everything together and making your concern clear to Oleg that matters. I think you have a legitimate concern and I would certainly appreciate it if you could put something together, and I'm sure others would as well.
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