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    Before you think my questions are stupid, I would like to tell you that I am completely new with games/flight sims.
    The other day I bought Il-2 Sturmovik and Forgotten Battles as well and I started to install Il-2 Sturmovik and tried to play a little with it.
    Of course I understand that I have to practice a lot, especially because I am a complete newbie. However I have 2 questions already and I hope you can give me some advice.
    1) With setup I have to choose a setting for the videocard under Video. However I don't find my recently bought XFX Geforce 6600GT there. As far as I understand this brand new card should be a rather fast medium class card. The only Geforce I find there are Geforce 2 and 3. Which setting would be the best for me ? (For what it is worth: My system is with a Pentium 4 2,26Ghz and 512MB RAM)
    2) Although I have to practice of course and study the manual, I already tried to play a Single Mission. However it is not clear to me how I should proceed. Under briefing I find a map with some goals. Am I supposed to fly in the given direction using the compass and how do I know that I have reached the goal, because there are no distances given ? Should I look at the landmarks on the map and find them on the ground below ?
    Like I said I am a complete newbie, so I hope you forgive me when the questions are dumb
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    First chose the GF3 option, then chose the Custom option. In the drop down lists, try S3TC and Bilinnear filtering. You may turn up the filtering (trilinnear, Aniso) however be aware that higher settings give a significant hit in performance, I'm guessing you won't want to do that (opinion only, feel free to try)

    Your second question depends upon what Difficulty Settings you are flying at. Under all but the hardest the in-game map shows your aicraft and where you are in relation to your waypoints (I believe 'M' is the default key, however look in your 'Controls section to find key assignments). It is normally best to leave 'No Instant Success' unchecked, this allows one to advance in campaigns without successfully compleating mission goals. To end a mission, press escape and 'end mission', whenever you want to (normally after land at your home base).

    Note: 'No Instant Success' is part of Forgotten Battles, not the original Il-2, I'm a bit confused which game you have. Remember that Forgotten Battles contains all of the content of original Il-2, with many additions and improvements (it is not necessary to own/install Il-2 to play FB, other than to support the wonderful developer Oleg Maddox and team, which is worth it). Ace Expansion Pack is available for Forgotten Battles, and Pacific Fighters can be either stand alone or installed into FB/AEP. Hope that helps, its a bit confusing, so feel free to ask lots of questions.
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    Thanks ZG77_Lignite for your quick reply.
    I didn't know about the possibilty to see the map during the game. Made it a lot easier!
    I have some more questions indeed and hope you can help me further:
    1) During the game I sometimes hear instructions about "height" and then e.g. "05". What does that mean, that is, what measurement is that ? I suppose it isn't in feet ?!
    2) I don't exactly understand what you mean with your answer to my first question. As far as I can see, under Video I have to choose between e.g. Custom and Geforce 3 (and so on). I don't see an option to choose GF3 and subsequently for Custom. Or do you mean that I should try GF3 first and if that doesnt give acceptable results then try Custom with the suggested settings ?
    (Btw, my framerate is around 40 now. Is that a good value ?)
    3) Should I choose OpenGL or DirectX ?

    Is this btw the right place in the forum for questions like mine, or should I post them under IL-2Help ?
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    These pages should help you out:

    IL2 Graphics setup

    Tweaking Forgotten Battles

    Luckyboys Guide

    and also the FAQ below my sig, welcome to the games
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    I have replied in il2 help please see here but in answer to specifics above
    1) 05 is 500 meters
    3) OpenGL the game is optimised for this.
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    Thanks EURO_Snoopy.
    I took a look at Il-2 Graphics setup but didn't see my card (6600GT) there. Would it be best to take the advice for the GF4 or for the 6800GT ?
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    I say, the 6800, the 6600 uses the same technology, but scaled down
    If I understood you correctly, you have installed the IL-2 Sturmovik. Install the Forgotten battles instead You may want to buy the Aces Expansion Pack, I sound like an EB dealer, but you will receive quite a few things.
    40 FPS is good. The standard evaluation track around is the BlackDeath, found in the pack of tracks that comes with the game - Forgotten Battles(FB). Suggest you try it.

    Feel free to ask questions, we all started from Zero or in my case, BF109
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    IL-2 Sturmovik was released before the 6600 and 6800 cards hit the market. You should choose the closest equivalent (GF2/GF3/GF4) in the video card setup.

    Additionally, be prepared to buy two more addons to Forgotten Battles (the sequel to IL-2 Sturmovik - almost entirely the same thing, but better graphics, effects and more planes) - Aces Expansion Pack and Pacific Fighters.

    AEP adds numerous new planes for a more diverse planeset that encompasses almost the entire European theatre. Pacific Fighters adds carriers and a large chunk of the pacific theatre as well as planes unique to the PTO.

    Welcome to the community!
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    (Although I also replied again in the other thread, I repeat it here and think it's best to "stay" in this thread to keep things better organised)
    Thanks for all your replies and help. Very nice and friendly forum here. Little by little I am getting a bettter understanding now. I think the biggest problem for me is that I am a complete newbie with gaming in general. However I want to learn as much as possible and as fast as possible, because these flight sims (and IL-2 particularly) look very addicting to me.
    So to summarize, I understand that it's best to forget the original IL-2 for a while and install Forgotten Battles ? And practice this game until I have some more experience after which I also can install Uberdemon to have more options ?
    @Dieg777: I still have to take a better look at the Uberdemon site (at first sight it looks rather complicated to me). But is it with this tool possible to import missions from IL-2 into FB, after which IL-2 can be uninstalled ? Or should the original IL-2 always be installed next to FB for that purpose ?
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    IL-2 original is very nice, but since it is entirely contained in FB (beside campaigns and single missions which you can import though), it's virtually useless now. I guess it was a cheap deal though, so you only did the right thing supporting the developer.

    UberDemon's software is a thitd party additional single missions' generator (and multiplayer's too). Very good as good are other programs and enhancements you'll read about and find around, but not necessary at this stage. Yet.

    I strongly suggest to add AEP and PF when you can, 'cause beside quantity and variety, quality too has improved in the series.

    And patch the game too! What it ONLY takes, depending on what you install, is:

    IL-2: Patch 1.1a/1.2/1.2ov (optional)
    FB: Patch 1.22
    FB + AEP: Patch 2.01/2.04
    FB + AEP + PF: Patch 3.01m
    PF: Patch 3.01
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