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    Here's an interesting Q&A site:


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    I dunno, that kind of body grosses me out.

    Anyhoo, I lift mainly to tone and to increase upper body stamina, so I don't know if this applies to someone who is trying to build up a lot of muscle, but I tend to get better results if I start my resistance training within 10 minutes of completing an aerobic workout. Maybe it's just coincidence, but I think I'll stick to it.
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    Hey guys, just found this thread!

    A few years ago, bout 2003/2004 I was pretty fat for my BMI. So, during January, every day, I went to the pool and swam for just 1 hour. Every day for January, then February, and a bit of March. By the end of it, I had dropped about 10 kg and had the best set of abs I've ever had

    But now in 2006, I'm not in my best of physics forms. So I started running about a month ago, and its great! Before that, I used to cycle, but I have Patella Femoral Syndrome, which means I have piss-weak quads. This makes cycling and just general pressure on the knees very painful (once I had ridden out a few km's before my knees conked out - very painful hobble home ). Now, we and my mate are going to the gym, and it's great fun! 10 mins on the treadmill, 10 on the bike, half on hour on weight machines and more on general fitness. I am particularly into building up leg muscles as opposed to upper body/arm, I like having good legs (so I can run away ) therefore most of the weight machines are taylored to that. The downside to that is, again thanks to the PFS, my knees absolutely cain whenever I use machines that put pressure on the knees (oh the irony!).

    Hopefully I will be in great form soon And again, the logic is diet (never eat take away) and exercise (^). These Hollywood weight loss 'diet's gives me the sh!ts.
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    The Paleo Diet

    Losing weight can be considered as one of the hard-hitting challenges that I have ever endeavored in my life. Here are my tips if you are a really motivated beginner trying to lose those extra pounds that you’ve treasured all your life.
    If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you know that exercise should be an essential part of your routine. A regular fitness routine in order to have a wide-range of positive health effects, such as a lower risk of cancer and stroke, better cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, and slowing of bone density loss associated with age. Paleo diet and exercising goes hand in hand. Exercising regularly while following a strict Paleo diet comprised only of foods that can be hunted and gathered can do wonders.
    The paleo diet has become one of the most popular eating approaches out there, so you won’t have trouble finding a bounty of paleo-friendly recipes online and on bookshelves (virtual or not!).
    Here is a link from all the Google search results that I found the most useful: https://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-...aleo-diet.aspx
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    Thank you for starting this amazing topic. In my opinion, regular juice will keep our health good and for this you need to know about the best blender juice that helps you to make the tasty juice.
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    I lost 120 lbs to brain cancer. that was 3 years ago and I have not gained back the weight
    I feel great at 143 lbs
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