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    Looks like Call of Duty has left WW2 behind. It's all modern now. Register there and watch the trailer. It looks really pretty!

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    Hence the name Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
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    Yes, but not everyone has come to that realization. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, I'm not a complete moron.
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    I hope the graphics are better then they were in COD 3.... that was a real disappointment, the graphics looked like it took a step back from COD 2. and the multiplayer was kinda bad too with the stupid class thing they did.... I liked cod 2 100 times better then cod 3
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    that looks pretty awesome
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    they better fix your teams AI too boot.
    Frelling stupid AI in COD 3 is really frelling p*****g me off and getting me killed. I take cover and they do to and it piushes me out from the cover resulting in me getting shot up. Or when your raining hellfire down on the axis and the idiots run right infornt of you and it ends saying friendly fire wont be tolorated.
    I have bout smashed my controller a few times cuz of that. and I hope the gun pyshics are fixed as well. snipe one guy but cant hit another guy who's closer with an entire clip of 10 rounds....
    can shoot from one side of a tree but not the other. or getting shot through hills but cant shoot back that way.
    God they better not rush this one and make it right and make it look like a next gen title.
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    i Agree
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