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    Great post Gunner_361st. Kurtis William Krazer must have been a heck of a pilot to get 13 kills. And I can see how that zero pilot could plunge on into the sea. Happens all the time in the game with the AI.

    Couldn't agree with you more about seeing similar type of threads sprout up. There are lots of great stories out there that didn't make it into books but should be told.
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    THANK YOU Sirs!!

    I echo the same sentiments as all here in this thread. You've done a wonderful service and relayed some GREAT info.

    Most all of the old pilots that I knew WWII are rapidly fading away. I miss them.

    Great looking family you've got as well. I'm in similar position as yourself. My son is 10. I'm OLD. I went to pick him up from his new school a while back. They brought him out and he said "Hey Dad. WHERE'S Grandpa? The teacher told me my grandfather was here to pick me up today." The teacher turned a few shades of red and I had a good laugh.

    Thanks Again!!

    :FI: Willie
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    excellent pics, get them all computers broadban sticks and fb aep pf so they can join in. Now that would be great comms company instead of crybabies on a certain blue teams TS server.
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    The guy who fixes up my old radios is a former Bf109 pilot named Herman Weber. After the war, he came to Canada and opened up a radio repair business then TV. I haven't seen him for a while but I know he had several confirmed kills including a Typhoon. He loves to talk although we haven't really gone in to his wartime experiences.

    Maybe it's time for another visit. I am sure he will him some great photos and stories that I could post for you.

    And great idea Lead!
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