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    I have come to the forums from time to time to see what is going on with the game(s) that I play, to find info that is being shared and fixes for problems that I might have encountered. I have seen countless threads on dissapointments, wants, dislikes, and many too countless and inane to address. I haven't yet seen one (though I may be wrong there's like 150 pages) that says thanks for spending the time that has obviously gone into the development of this or any other game. Plenty of complaints but very few accolades.
    It must be really dissapointing for the guys/gals who have worked the long hours, made the sacrifices(to the pursuit of their own enjoyments) to work on this and other projects just to get flamed in the forums by the consumers of software. I couldn't do it, I'd tell 'em F.O. it's not worth it. But yet they go on to the detriment of health and happiness, just to get the product out, to fix that minor flaw, to add object lights simply because I said hey can we get some lights? You know the ones that are on the Navigation lights that the planes use? Well I got a Big Fat Thank You for you guys for your hard work, for missing out 'cos you had a deadline, For the headaches from the eyestrain, Thank you for the object lights that as far as I know I was the only one to suggest, Thank You for the interior of the B-25 which took me back to the day when Dave Allen took my father and I up in his Mitchell out of Dolphin Aviation in Sarasota, Fla. when I was 13. I really enjoy this Sim and please Mr Moderator if anyone adds a single B**ch to this Thread remove it so that anyone else who wants to say thank you can send a little Patch to the ego's of the developers, testers and Oleg himself if they want to. Thank You Guys! RAF238th_Bong www.Warbirdsofprey.org
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    Well said m8!
    238th sixpak!
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    Kinda gives you an understanding why no other, or very few, developers interact in the way 1C does with their customers
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    I think it could be one of the cases where an imperfect understanding of the English Language would be a Godsend. If it were me, I'd hire a couple of hitmen to deal with those guilty of some of the **** posted here.

    But then I'm a sociopath.
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