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    Hey there. You might remember me from this thread

    I plan to build me a new rig when SoW or KOTS is released, which will problably be sometime in 2008. Until then I want to crank up the old one as much as possible, with as little dough as possible

    I will for now buy the Samsung TFT 22" 226BW monitor (thanx guys, you convinced me). A future investment!

    Now to the question.

    I run a 3Mhz(OC 3.3), 2 GB RAM, 6600 GT 128 MB (AGP!!!!) rig. It runs Il2 ok.

    The older AGP GFX cards are very decent right now, and I can get a LeadTek GeForce 7600GT 256MB AGP for a very nice price.

    However, is this upgrade motivated (from AGP 6600 GT 128 MB to AGP 7600 GT 256 MB)? Will I be able for example to run il2 with a higher resolution (I run 1152x864 now) with remained FPS? This is important to know as I am getting a new LCD monitor that runs on 1650x1050.

    In essence; Will the change of gfx card make any difference?
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    I run all my games in 1680 x 1050 with a GeForce 7600GS 2GB DDR memory and an Athlon 3000+ with pretty high settings too... All the games I play, Allied Force, SWAT 4, rfactor, GTR etc run well...

    it's PCI Express though... and I bet the GT version has some more juice than the GS.
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    I did the same 'last chance' upgrades as you think of. i got myself a 22" 2ms screen and put away my old 6600gt AGP. I bought a 7600gt AGP 'golden sample' from a friend, and it's a lot of difference. I now run at 1680x1050, with what feels like smoother rates then my old 1280x960 on the 6600gt.
    (Still with water=1 since i don't like the look of the others)
    I also run 4xaa and 4xaf now.

    I just wish i could motivate myself to buy 2 gig ram instead of the 1 I now have.. But I'm doing pretty fine as it is. Since i only play IL2 and falcon 4 RedViper

    (I'm also upgrading my computer for when SOW:BoB and Fighter ops comes out)
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    @ mrsiCkstar
    thanx, running in AGP though

    @ Xallo_72
    Thanx mate, if I understand you correctly the "upgrade" from 6600 GT to 7600 GT was a good choice? I have no problem flying with the same quality settings as before, the issue I guess is if I can run with the same or better FPS on a higher resolution. I too only play IL2
    PS: The 2 Gb RAM made a nice boost for me on big maps

    Anyone else with an input? pros and cons.
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    I fly in 1680x1050 with

    on my old 2.8 with just one gig mem.. and I tried The Black Death just now, and got an avg. between 27-30 with those settings.

    I wish i tried my old cards FPS before I tossed it into it's bag. But it feels smoother as i said.
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    6600GT up to 7600GT would be a decent boost and with the monitor addition you've discussed should provide a more than adequate performance improvement until your next build.

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    Thanx Thunder... I am leaning towards it....

    try vertical sync off xallo... if it looks ok you will probably get more fps out of it.

    so..anyone else with an input?

    according to a sales person I just had phone contact with, said that the difference between the 6600 GT AGP and the 7600 GT AGP is marginal.. hmm this is a difficult decision....
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    Well, it's at least a year newer, has twice the frame buffer and more shaders IIRC.

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    I wish I knew what frame buffer is

    for a novice this is hard. I have tried to find comparisons and opinions online on forums etc about such an upgrade, and they are all different. Some say it's a great upgrade, and others say "not worth it"....
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    Originally posted by F19_Orheim:
    I wish I knew what frame buffer is
    just another name for video card RAM.

    Originally posted by F19_Orheim:
    for a novice this is hard. I have tried to find comparisons and opinions online on forums etc about such an upgrade, and they are all different. Some say it's a great upgrade, and others say "not worth it"....
    Well, if IL2 is pretty much all you do/play and you want to be able to increase the AA, run in perfect, increase resolution or tweak any number of other things to visually improve your primary pc enjoyment conduit, then I'd say it's worth it. The only reason I'd advise against is if the rest of your pc would act as a bottleneck and basically throttle your VC replacement.

    I'll look for some specific comparisons on the 6600 and 7600 series.

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