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    Take Super Mario Galaxy its release is Nov. 12th and my Gamestop will have it for pick up on the 13th do you think the same will happen for Assassin's Creed? (release 13th pick up 14th.) (U.S.)
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    If its Release date is the 13th then im guessing the 13th...
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    IF the release date is in fact the 13th, most retailers won't actually have it until the 14th. But if the store decides to do a midnight release, they will have it the 12th (so they can begin selling it at midnight on the 13th). Whether stores do a midnight release depends on how much hype is built around the game, and for places like EB Games and GameStop, they need a certain number of pre-orders.
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    Super mario galaxy should be available the 12th it's street dated for the 12th not ship dated I think your gamestop employee folk are lying to you

    Assassin's Creed on the other hand (if it has been ship dated for the 13th) then you will probably getting it the 14th because that's when they ship it to all the gamestops or EB games and so they will probably receive it noon the next day
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    I reserved AC and Brawl and just the other day when I got an automated call saying Brawl was delayed I got told I could swith my pre order to Galaxy and pick it up on the 13th which is why I am asking about AC. Prime 3 was Aug.27th (Store sold 28th) Halo 3 Sept. 25th Sold Sept. 25th but the hype for Halo 3 was massive so two totally different experiences. (Hey maybe this'll be like Bioshock or Ratchet&Clank Future released a week early!!! LETS HOPE RIGHT?!!!!!) Also on aside not my Target has the 14th for Galaxy!!!
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    Yeah, when I pre-ordered AC from Gamestop, they said it would be in on the 14th. So I'm guessing they won't have it on the 13th...
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    When I went to the Ebgames and pre-ordered the guy said 13th! lol
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    I just preordered mine today at gamestop, they said that this game IS big enough to open stores at midnight so they can start selling them ASAP...with the whole Super Mario Galaxy, there is no where even close to how many people following it...no one will wait up till 12 for the same kind of game that we all played on the N64. And don't even pull the "But this one is in space" you know that its the same game.
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    i asked someone at my bestbuy and they said 14th and so does the website so im guessing thats when its for for here in the NE east coast USA
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    If you've reserved it at an EB Games or GameStop, You will need to pick it up on the 14th. The date listed on the site and the date that some GA's will tell you is November 13th. This is known as the shipping date. If you ordered your game online with EB or Gamestop it is shipped to your address on the 13th and shipped to all of the stores as well. This means you will be able to pick it up on Wednesday, 14th of November.

    When calling any GameStop or EB Games ask to speak to the manager on duty, they are more likely able to not screw up the dates with you. If you have any other questions about the difference betweeen Shipping Dates, Release Dates, and Street Dates... contact your local EB Games or GameStop store manager, asst. manager, senior GA, and about 25% of the GA's and they will explain how it works.

    I hope that cleared things up....
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