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    The update section is still a joke.Only info about 3.01.No mention of 3.02(which everyone seems to be flying).

    There is no mention of the dedicated server software.One should not have to look in the forums for links to official downloads.

    No mention of any of the other patches for IL2,Forgotten Battles,or Ace Expansion Pack.

    I think it is a disgrace that when people ask for these patches they have to be sent to a 3rd party mirror.

    At least have an archive link.Or a link to Ubi ftp.

    Not everyone has all 3 games.Some have got the older stuff as gifts or in the bargin bin(or only have 1 game and have to reinstall) and need the updates.

    So at least a link to 3rd party(or support) if they do not want to host the patches themselves.

    But at least a mention.
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    Seems straight foward to me.

    For merged play;
    1. FB+AEP+PF
    2. patch 3.01m
    3. patch 3.01m_new

    Guess they dont suport beta programs
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    Dedicated Server Downloads are now on the web page. A bit slow but their getting there!
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    Razz is working on it, be patient
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    Looks good Ivan, I am glad to see it.

    One question though is the 3.02 downloads non beta now? Do those current downloads void 3.01?
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    He`s still moving stuff around... download page should contain both, 301 and 302b
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    Just wanted to clearify, is the 3.02 still beta? It doesn't say that it is.
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    Yes, it is beta
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    if you are searching for files, you can look here: http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliothe...s&r_type=Patch
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