If you are like us, you probably like Shaun White's soundtrack, but maybe you want more,or you want to use the same playlist as you use when riding,or maybe you feel like a DJ...

Anyway for all of you, we have included a really cool feature that allows you to use your custom soundtrack on PS3 and 360, and here is a quick guide on how to proceed!

Using the custom music player in Shaun White Snowboarding will allow you to play your own tunes in-game straight from your storage device. Easy as 1-2-3!

1.Create playlists in the console's dashboard. For more info on this, consult the console's documentation

2.While playing, put the music player in "Playlist" mode. Holding the LEFT ARROW on the digital cross gives you access to the music menu. When this menu is displayed, press TRIANGLE (ps3) or Y (Xbox360) to toggle between "Song" mode and "Playlist" mode.

3.Browse through the playlists until you find your custom ones. Pressing the SQUARE and CIRCLE (ps3) or X & B (Xbox360) cycles though all the available playlists be it in-game or user made. Simply keep pressing these buttons and you will eventually find your custom playlists.

We hope you'll enjoy your rides with your own tunes!