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    Yestoday at the russian forum ( http://forum.sukhoi.ru/showthread.php?t=31643 ) Oleg Maddox has written that we shall receive BoB-beta in 2006 year, and Pacific Theatre for BoB (on BoB engine) is possible in 5 years (2010). Means in current of 5 years to fans of Pacific Theatre it is necessary to use Pacific-Fighters. Personally for me BoB is not necessary. It is interesting to me only as a basis to PTO-addition (for example "Midway"
    Would like for one-two year see in PF anything addition:
    1. Flyable planes.
    very need:
    Ki-27 for "Japan vs USSR"
    Ki-43-II - need only cockpit
    Ki-45 - B-29 hunter - for japanese need two engins fighter
    Ki-61-I-KAIc(Tei) - need to make a fuselage more longly More than half from all Ki-61 were this mod. And you can made normal skin for 244th sentai
    A5M for China sky & for nice skins
    B5N - need only cockpit. Without it game always will be unfinished.
    G4M1 mod 11 - need only cockpit. Very wait...
    TBM/TBF Avenger - for americans happy...
    2. AI planes (even so...)
    very need:
    G4M2 mod 24 (+ Okha)
    Ki21 & Ki49
    And may be Ventura for americans
    3. DREAM:
    Ki67 - ship-killer
    J7W - B-29-killer
    4. Ships
    very need even ONE japanese & americans cruiser (not Portland type)!!! Without it game always will be unfinished.
    5. Map
    Rabaul+Guadalkanl+New Guinea on ONE map.
    New normal New Guinea

    & California map for full happy

    And see http://pacificfire.narod.ru/
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    Most definitely needed are:
    Hawk 75A-7
    Ki 27

    Lockheed Hudson
    Dornier Do24
    Glenn Martin B-10
    Ki 21

    Singapore is probably in next patch.
    East Java and Bali
    South Sumatra

    This should keep everybody happy until BoB type PF is released
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    sure would be nice.
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    По эÑ"ому л¸нºÑƒ я ²Ñµ ¿Ñ€оÑ"Ñ"у

    my russian is non existant. Verdammt english colonial school system that sees no need to teach foreign languages...

    sure would like to read that in english, is there a link anyone knows that i could use to translate this with?
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    I'm really looking forward to the moment the first ingame screenshots and the demo for BoB is released. Not because of the news themselves, but because this nonsense "I don't need BoB", "I'm not interested in BoB" or "BoB is boring" will stop.
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    well to me the great thing about BoB is i wont have to see my fav planes porked by a russian LOL j/k
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    Please tell me that your not begging for features in a sim that won;t be around for five years.
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    yep, its already started...
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    "Personally for me BoB is not necessary. It is interesting to me only as a basis to PTO-addition (for example "Midway"Smile"

    Personally PF is not interesting to me. Only as a basis for BOB and then the MTO is it worth the effort.

    My personal choices (being a Canadian and knowing/reading about the rest of WWII):

    1. Spanish Civil War
    2. Mediterranean
    3. Night war over Europe (was bigger than 8th AF)
    4. Russian Front

    (then the pacific campaign)

    After all there have already been many PTO sims (BH, AOTP, PAW, CFS-2 etc.) and only one Russian front sim (Il-2).

    How many of us knew the difference between a Lagg and a Lavochin before this sim?
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    you has understood, that has written?
    yourself play to CFS-3 or Battle of Britain. & wait Battle of Britain II Vings of Victories.
    Pilot, he-he...
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