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    Except the upgrades of Ezio i found it dissapointed compared to AC2. Repetitve, the graphics and especially the storyline too short. AC2 was much much better. thoughts
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    SP is awesome! the story line is engaging especially when they added additional stuffs like repressed memories, Borgia Towers, Faction management...etc etc there is more depth

    MP is awesome too...BUT OMG..so much problems!!! takes me like 3 hours to get one stupid session going, I got friends who play but I can't join their session because "unreachable", I feel so stupid buying the game! should have listen to my mate just play the SP with cracks! the wait is not worth it! and don't think they are gonna fix it until they release revelation...I'll not buy revelation until I get confirmation that PC is not going to get screwed over...and it'll probably get screwed over because you moneymongers only care about consoles!
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    me... everything was cool before i got the apple... really, it sucked when i got it.
    but multiplayer is cool just the SP that sucked with that apple.
    the rest, awesome \o/!
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    I just hope they are not doing like COD games making one a year or it will suck by the third game for sure.
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    I don't agree with you, OP -- I thought Brotherhood was great. The story was great, graphics were great, the upgrades were great. It was all awesome. I am speaking about Single Player only -- I have not tried the Multiplayer.
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