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    Um, non-members can make dresses now! Whats the deal? Why do Diamond Members keep losing all of our priviliges! Whaaaaa!
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    your not losing them they are probaly doing this cause some players parents cant afford the membership or wont let them and anyway you can go places where non member cant go
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    also maybe they are doing this cause members have probably complained that non members keep asking them for dresses and there are people out there that dont even have food so i think you should be grateful for what you have
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    its still a bit unfair....
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    but you dont understand some people cant afford it imagine you are someone who can not have a diamond membership cuz you are poor or parents wont let you and you want to make your own dress you wouldnt feel very happy would you thats why they are doin it
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    No one on here is "poor" and even if I was I would be thankful for at least the fact that we get anything in the first place
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    Hey, at least non-members still can't use the scissors or most of the colors, or the prints and the prettiest buttons and stickers and the majority of the challenges and leveling up and the world activities and designer designs and the huge member rooms and member furniture and member gems and still can't access the member places...
    just saying
    Members AND Non-Members, just be grateful for what you have. What you have is a gift - enjoy it
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    well let me tell you something im poor and if you are grateful you wouldnt be complaining
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    In my opinion, I could care less about what happens but I think people should just stop complaining and accept what they have, but that obviously will never happen....
    Also, the members don't really have to work for anything. Everyone in the game has to do challenges to continue their avatars progression, so that means nothing just because your parents(or whoever) bought you a membership (you can just go farther than nonmembers)
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    im not complaining i explaining oh cool a rhyme my point read what i have typed thats probably why they are doin it
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