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    Ok, so this is a picture blog thingy. Its where you and I can share random pictures we found from the internet or any pictures as long as its appropriate. Lets begin

    Posting more soon. Hope ypu like it
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    Here is more

    More to be posted, hope ya like
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    these are pretty fi! i love the cupcake!! YUMMY!!!!!!
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    and omg the dream... lights are GORGEOUS!
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    I love supcakes too!

    AND IKR!!!! I was AMAZED when I saw it

    And YAY. This got promoted. First post ever from me to get promoted! I am glad who ever promoted this likes this
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    nice pictures. I had a business for pictures(I know stupid idea) and it went down within a few days. Could I post pictures here?
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    this is so pretty! and good job for getting your thread promoted
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    Emma: Of course. Any one can. Thats why I made this for. I LOVE PICTURES

    Aline: Thank you
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