The highlight of the User Content Creation Package is the powerful but easy to use ChromED editor. Itís a complete solution for creating and modifying fully functional multiplayer and single-player maps. It offers two modes of operation. In Simple Mode (default setting) it offers a step-by-step wizard which guides users through the process of establishing all basic parameters of the map and features a simplified interface. The Advanced Mode boasts full capabilities of the professional tools used in the development of CoJ: Bound in Blood. Itís recommended for experienced modders and offers unrivaled power and control over the content.Together with ChromED, Techland provides an exporter for the industry standard 3D Studio Max, allowing users to import their own models into the game (custom textures, animations, effects, music and sounds are also supported).In addition, the editor puts all the content of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood at its userís disposal. All the assets used to build the game can be rearranged, combined and used in new creations.
  • A streamlined and user friendly interface in Simple Mode and the full might of professional game development tools in Advanced Mode

  • Supports single-player maps and all 5 multiplayer modes of CoJ: BiB

  • Three predefined environmental tilesets: Arizona, Mexico and California, each with three prearranged terrain maps (including blank)

  • Built-in asset manager for quick and easy selection and placing

  • Brushes: a hassle-free method of placing combinations of foliage, tiny objects and textures on the map, with predefined palettes and the ability to design custom sets

  • Easy to use selection linker which instantly combines highlighted pieces into working quests

  • One-click Publish Map functionality integrated with the community site

  • A powerful validation tool for troubleshooting

  • One-click export into the game for instant playtesting

  • All the content of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood as an asset repository plus support for user-created graphics and audio

  • Enclosed 3D Studio Max exporter for easy import of custom models