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    being a mod in another game related site i know how hard it can be to not only keep the piece but also to keep your personal opinions to your self in the name of fairness. Also i understand the demanding test of haveing to sort out the same kinda BS over and over to the point of wanting to pull your frickn hair out lol. now there have been times in this forum were some have acussed mods of being a little heavey handed and at times i my self have thought as much. How ever if you want a good wake up call and a fine excample of what happens when mods dont do there jobs go hang out at the SH3 forum for a while. Now that place is a fine example of over relaxed athority at its best. i cant even begien to think how the thread there tittled "US vs BRITS" would go over in here. just wanted to stop and take time to say thanks to every mod hear ....even Ivan and bearcat ehheheheh lol. but for real thanks guys for keeping things under control.

    Now with that said .....WEARS THE FRICKN PATCH> LOL j/k
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    YW mate
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    lemme see...

    *leans forward*

    yup, thought so.

    if you put your face close to the screen, you can actually feel the lurve oozing from this thread

    aah, the unbearable lightness of being.

    and they do do a good job too. Keeping alien obssessed conspiracists under check, not banning every patch whiner back to the Stone Age until he pushes it too far, and whacking the clearly stupid on the head quick smart.

    prolly why i havent abandoned this forum to the ignorant insulting masses, like i have every other one.

    kisses, darlings. You know who you are.

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    We sure are getting alot of kisse lately. hehehehe

    Make me think you guys are undermining us some how, Like the ladies do us men from time to time to get what they want. LOL

    Either way YW guys.
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    yes, you guys do a good job of keeping these boards sensible credit where its due.

    never know, i might let you ride in the backseat of my IL2 sometime.
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    Excellent job all round! Many thanks to all mods.
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    I feel a false sense of security coming on lol
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    One of the lowest lock-to-thread ratios I've seen in a while. That's usually a good sign that the mods are keeping the kiddies playing nice!

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    In the eye of the storm are we?
    (grabs another box of tin foil)
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