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    I found the 66.93 worked best for me, and use the stock 6800 instead of the custom settings. I average 45fps with water=3 in the Blackdeath track and 64fps with water=1
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    Turning off your Vsync will increase frame rates BUT the drawback is it will cause some distortion in the cockpit when panning (tearing effect).
    I turned my Vsync back on. Just my preference.
    Ok here is how I get 75 fps in the cockpit (over water) and in the 50-60 range over land with a BFG 6800 GT 256mb card.
    Try the setting I use @


    They work well for me
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    Congrats on the new card lipp98.
    Ive had mine a few months now and it screams.
    I just got the trackir3 pro for Christmas, and am having some trubs getting it to pan smoothly, i wonder if you might email me your PF profile? I'd be most grateful

    thanks Fubar
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    sure man i`ll post sometime today had to do a reformat had some bad clusters i had to fix XP could`nt fix it for me so I used this program called Max Blaster its great stuff now i`m cooking with gas!Buddy of mine had it and gave it to me because he had an extra copie
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