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    Hey guys, I asked this before, but I guess it was on a day with little traffic, because I didn't get any responses. I am currently running 61.77 drivers on my Athlon 64 3400+ with a BFG GeForce 6800GT. I am getting good frames with 1600x1200 res in perfect mode, and all the goodies on, but I was wondering if there was still some performance I could gain if I downloaded drivers that were known to work particularly well with IL-2. Thanks.
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    can't say these are the "best", but better than 61.77

    66.81's or the 66.00's
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    Yeah, 66.81 has been the number that I have seen thrown around the most. Thanks for reaffirming that. Off to download 'em!
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    Either 65.73 WHQL or 66.81 WHQL. The latter is self-instalkling, the latter you'll have to install manually. Get them from www.guru3d.com

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