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    Why does every awsome, super-talented, wonderful writer have so low self-esteem?

    Why don't you just face it?

    You are AMAZING! Seriously!!!!!!

    Just believe in yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, this thread has given me some awsome ideas about how to improve my writing abilities!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Never give up one of your stories because you think it's boring or because you think you're not talented enough! If you never finish a story you LIKED writing, then you will regret it! Only stop if you really don't like it! If you like it, don't let ANYTHING stop you!
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    Loving the last tip...it's all about having fun and loving to write.
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    This hasn't been posted on in a while. All of the tips on here are amazing, and very helpful!! They definitely are helping me improve my writing!!

    Tip: Proofreading your work is a good thing, but just because you proofread it doesn't mean it is completely right. You know what your story is supposed to say, but others don't. As you're reading you could easily skip over words because you know what it is supposed to say. Instead try letting someone else read your story! They seem to notice the mistakes easier than you do!
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