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    I have played Assassin creed brotherhood for a long time

    The game saved my status (missions - money ..._

    I closed the game

    after an hour , I opened the game again & load my saved game.

    But its start with my previous status ( all the things I have done before an hour is gone )( It seems that I didn't play it before an hour ).

    I thought that is an error. I played these missions & buy these items again , then save my work. when I load it , all my status returned to the beginning ( all my work & playing was for nothing !! )

    I have the same problem with another game ( prototype )

    how can I fix this problem ?

    (( accept my respect ))
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    Any solution ?
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    so ?
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    If you've had the same issue with other games, it is likely a problem with Windows or your hardware. Ensure you are running the game as an administrator, and have User Account Controls turned off (Vista/7)
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    I did what u told me

    but the problem stayed
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    Is your Windows username having any "special" characters? I mean, non alphanumeric?
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    Originally posted by kolitha.kuruppu:
    Is your Windows username having any "special" characters? I mean, non alphanumeric?
    Per example, don't use characters like: , , , , , etc. etc.
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    my char name is Legend
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    I have the problem with just 2 games
    Assassin creed brotherhood & prototype

    I gave both of their files to my friend

    he hasn't any problem with them

    I hope to find a solution XD
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    OK got a save game problem as well. I exited the game and later on I started to play it again and no saved games. None at all. I checked everywhere on my puter. Temp files, save game files(yes in the right spot)i even checked the recycling bin. It just disapeared. been playing this game for a little while. have logged probally in excess of 40 hours. My only option is to start the game from scratch.

    Makes me not want to play the game. I think I had like 40-41% sync. Is there any way to get my saved game back? Is there some trick to finding the file hidden somewhere that it's not soposed to be?

    I even tried the "restore previous version" in the save games folder. Says no previous saved games. And yes i am looking in the right spot in the Users dirrectory etc. Anyways any help to restore my game would be appreciated. BTW am using win7
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