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    Originally posted by switchman72:
    Well i've grabbed my bottle of captin, my may west, and settled in for a long wait. my order date was 03/03/07 and its been processing since the 8th, still no e-mail confirmation. Im getting depressed.

    Chinup, switchman, it may come sooner than you think.

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    well just checked my account, its been shipped and has a fedex tracking number, so over to the fedex site I got and enter the tracking number and it loaded onto a truck and heading my way, says I should have by 7pm Wednesday, so Thursday morning I should have it in my hands, now thats for my US order, the special limited set is still saying not shipped, but as long as I get one copy before I leave for out of town to load onto my puter I will be happy.
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    My ShIV shipped 19 March 2007, I have a FEDEX Tracking number and confirmation from UBI via E-mail.
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    My Limited Edition (one of 3,000) shipped last night, 19th March.
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    not sure about it being shipped...I just travelled 72 miles and visited 7 stores trying to get a copy. I'll keep checking
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    good news..

    Silent Hunter® 4
    Deluxe Edition - Only 3.000 units worldwide [PC DVD-ROM] 1 20/03/2007 18:25:31

    i got email today it was sedt 18:25:31 today..

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