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    Hi guys. I'm a complete novice wih flight sim but I've got to give it a go - Il-2 looks like the one to go for. So I don't run into any problems at the start I'm after a bit of advice. I'm looking to get forgotten battles gold pack:
    will it run ok on my pc?
    is there anything special I need to know about installing and running?

    I have a laptop with:
    Vista home premium
    Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 (1.83 GHz)
    2 GB ram
    "Up tp 358Mb Mobile Intel Graphic Media Accelerator X3100"

    It was a pretty cheap laptop, 1 year old.
    I'm not ready to spend $$$$$'s on a pc to give me mind blowing performance - I just want to know it will work ok with no annoying glitches.
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    Got a joystick? If not get one.
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    get IL-2 1946, that is the one that has all the IL-2 series (including FB) already in it.

    It is the one everyone is using and current patch is 4.09m and the version most servers online use (which definitely is a must for any IL-2 player)

    For advice to start and fly etc, look for the sticky entitled A Nugget's Guide To Getting Off The Ground by Bearcat, that is the best place for a new person to check out.


    Il-2 1946 will run on vista, but there are some changes you have to make. If you do a search on the forums here, there are some posts already concerning this.

    You system specs will in Il-2 1946, my PC is a 3.0 ghz single core with 2 gig of ram, and it runs it fine. It can't go perfect graphics or run everything at max, but it does the job.

    Good luck
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    I dunno if that integrated graphics card can handle it.

    Anyway I'd mainly recommend you get Il-2 1946, it's the latest version with the most planes and maps.
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    It's most likely going to work, but the integrated graphics are not perfect. I've run the game on far worse rigs.
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    ctrl+E to bail out and Shift F1 to center gunsight.
    ctrl+D to remove gun scope cover.
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    Originally posted by rgwallis:
    I'm not ready to spend $$$$$'s on a pc to give me mind blowing performance - I just want to know it will work ok with no annoying glitches.

    the short answer is yes.

    I use a lap top with similar performance specs, and probably less video memory than what you have.
    I can run the game in excellent mode up to 1400 x 1050 resolution, (using a second monitor) but for a comfortable frame rate i end up using a smaller resolution. For screen shots or movies it is doable.

    The only draw back is i don't think the game supports mobile graphics cards under OpenGl, so you will have to use DirectX.
    This isn't a huge deal, just know that you won't be getting perfect looking water, and some of the definition in the land won't be noticable.
    It wouldn't hurt to try. Who knows, you might get it to work for you in OpenGL.
    My guess is that directx settings would give you better performance any how, as its less work for your CPU.
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    Several others have already mentioned this but I will say it again.
    Do not get the Forgotten Battles Gold Pack.
    Get Il2-46 instead. It is the most up to date version and if you look around, you can pick it up for around 10$ I think.
    There was a time where even the most up to date PC would have trouble running Il2.
    I spent thousands upgrading over the years to run Il2 better.
    Now, even a modest PC can run Il2 fairly well.
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    Originally posted by rgwallis:
    I'm looking to get forgotten battles gold pack:
    What the others say, don't get that as it's a waste of money. UBI should be slapped for selling it! Get IL2:1946.

    I can't say about the laptop either but without a joystick that has at least rudder-twist or stick and pedals you
    will have all kinds of problems trying to fly and shoot more than half-fast.

    Consider what 100's of hours of your time is worth and weigh the cost of game and stick against that.

    Here is the download to the DEMO of the OLD ORIGINAL VERSION if you just want a look.
    You don't need the rudder control (pedals or twisty part of the stick) -as much- with it but still need a stick, perhaps
    you can borrow or dig one up. If you're going to buy, full rudder control (not X-45 rocker) is well worth the extra bucks.
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    At first, I would go to Wal-Mart and buy a Saitek ST290 Pro twist joystick for $20. It is a decent cheap stick. Then, if you decide that you enjoy flying, and want to upgrade, then look for a better stick. I personally use a Saitek X52, but others have their favorites as well.
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