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    So yesterday I install the download of '1946. Load up Hyperlobby (Hey, whattya know, my version's still the latest!), and hop onto WarClouds for some gunslingin', plane-shreddin', dogfightin' action, and get bounced twice in less 5 minutes. Apparently 6 months of offline campaigns and quick missions does something to your flying skills...

    Ah well, it's good to be back.

    By the way, is it just me, or is the waggling/yawing effect one gets when firing more than two .50 cals gone? I was using some bombers as target practice in the Warhawk and realized I was compensating for the yawing (And as it was absent, I was only making my own yawing effect ) and almost ran into the bomber in my sights, I was so surprised. lol, instead of swinging like a dancer, my plane just bobbles up and down like a Turkey now.
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    Warclouds is the best (IMO)

    about the yawing, I did read this in another thread:

    The story of the asymmetric gun yaw proves that the developers indeed listen to reasonable proposals to improve things,

    My guess is that indeed it must have changed...
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    Yep. They fixed asymmetric gun yaw. I think what they did was make all the guns fire with identical ROF (like back in the old days), but scatter the tracer rounds in the belts per gun.

    A nice, simple and easy fix.

    Oh, and welcome back.

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    Was 1946 evn in the list? I tried to set up on hyperlobby yesterday, but 1946 isn't in the game list. I also tried "IL-2 Sturmovik" and "Forgotten Battles". It could not fine the 1946 exe (IL2FB.EXE) in either case. Did you get passed that?
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    You will have to redirect Hypperlobby to your game folder for 1946....

    BTW you still have to go through FB
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    Originally posted by BBB462cid:

    I never had the wobbles, bobbles or shakes. if you have either of my AVG campaigns, you can see the in-cockpit tracks I made back in 4.04, and in 4.08

    the cockpit effect is the same- no wobbles or bobbles

    I've been told that I did have them, I just didn't recognise them but...that means I'm blind and stupid...never had the wobbles or bobbles. Other people also never saw this effect

    I am in contact with a guy who has nothing but horrid control issues, nothing he does works. I sent him my old FB and PF- same thing...it seems very PC dependant. On some machines, no troubles. On others, nothing but wobble woes

    In 4.04, I adjusted my rudder filtering because it seemed too sensitive, but that was because it was hard to control my rudder rocker with thigns that touchy. A few clicks of filtering, and presto! no troubles. I've never changed a joystick setting, ever, since the orignal Il-2, other than that. All default curves all the way
    Yeah, I had a rather moderate case of the Wobbles.

    Anyways, where's your other campaign? I can only find the one (WTCF, if I remember correctly).
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