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    A good artist friend of mine Cabe Booth does some brilliant aviation and military art and unfortunately he is really struggling right now. I'm passing his work along in hopes that someone finds it interesting enough to maybe commission him to do a piece for them.

    He mainly paints images on multi-layered broken up pieces of plywood but he can probably do something more one-dimensional and straight forward if you wish:


    He also does some really tasteful and authentic finishes on model tanks for any of you models builders out there that want a pro paint job:


    Anyway, just putting it out there... thanks for your attention and if you or someone you know might be interested, please contact him:

    cabe_booth [at] swbell.net


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    Thanks for forwarding this, I will have a good luck at his stuff, it seems very original, and that's a rare quality in aviation art, which is often given the ‘still life with a tree and a messerschmitt‘ treatment...

    Ok ‘Escort’, ‘Flying Circus’ and ‘Val’ are by far my favourites. The plywood effect is great, it makes the paintings dynamic and breaks out of the conventional square canvas convention.

    Who is the elderly man with the Flying Tigers collage?
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    Thanks, I like it!! Coolest!
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    Some more:


    For some reason at least one of his works, the one I have in my signature, is not there. He sold the last copy to me "under the desk" anyways so...
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