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    Is there a way to like zoom when playing e.g In the PS3 and Xbox360 comparison video (in the fighting scene) it is zoomed and and you can see like 3 players, whereas when i play i can see half the city! (jokes, but i can see a lot). So, is there a way to zoom?
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    Sup Muri?

    Nah I don't think you can...maybe you just had the chase cam on while running away!
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    Aye stix, sup lol. Darn it looks better (IMO) when its closer.
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    Somebody says:


    I think you should reply. xD

    lol, anyway, maybe the camera was being pressed against a wall or something...?

    Because OI remember the canal with all the houses going along it (PS3 screenie), so that could be it...
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    Hmm possibly...
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