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    4.01 has really screwed the bf-109. It's performance has hit a low point, and it's becoming frustrating for the LW pilots to cut a break in this game. Hundreds of people have quit flying because the last patch totally porked this aircraft! Hyperlobby is like a ghost town! This is an obvious indicator that this sim is going down the toilet, as a mass migration of IL-2 supporters have given up hope, and are moving to CFS3.

    First, there has been a 40% reduction in overall speed. We all know it. Red pilots are always using their new speed advantage against the 109 to run, because they are too chicken s**t to fight.

    Next, the wing loading has been increased by 35%. This results in a drastic reduction in turning ability. Yaks, Spits, and Mustangs out turn the 109 at will. So you can't BnZ because of the lack of speed, and you can't turn against them either! We might as well be flying a defenseless transport!

    Lastly, the firepower of the mk108 has been reduced by 17%! No wonder the few loyalists that remain in the 109 opt for the 20mm when available! But on some of the 109's, you don't have the option!! Talk about a "Screw You LW" plan!!

    I'm d@mn sick of it. This whole game is biased towards the Allies. When LW pilots try to speak up to get glaring wrongs righted, like:
    - the FW cockpit view
    - the MG151/20 firepower
    - the dirty 109 cockpit glass
    - the FW Fuel Tank leak
    - the 109 overweight issue
    ...we are labled "Luftwhiners" and ridiculed!
    But if the Allied fan-boi's think their precious Spitfire is 0.3 MPH slower than "Sam Testpilot" said it should be under absolute optimal conditions using enhanced 1948 super octane fuel... or that the 109 needs to be less this, and less that because some jacka$$ WWII pilot with 30 hours in the seat, who thinks he saw a 109 once by squinting his eyes towards the sun, says that the 109 should perform this way or that... Well then, 1C can't trip over themselves fast enough to fix it!!

    It just makes me want to throw up. I think I'm going to go play Mechwarrior again.
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    Those are exactly the reasons that I have gone back to playing European Air War!
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    К?мÑ€?´ ЧÑ€?сю, Ñ"оÑ"но з?мµÑ"µно.
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    "I think I'm going to go play Mechwarrior again."

    mechs fishing, hmm
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    Crash you losing your touch... i`ll give it ... 3 out of 10
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    The problem is : everyone expect crash to be fishing....
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    You nice?

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    Originally posted by crazyivan1970:
    Crash you losing your touch... i`ll give it ... 3 out of 10
    You assume this is a trolling thread.

    It's not. Too obvious. Just a parody/antithesis of some of the lame a$$ trolls I've seen lately.

    Of course those n00berts aren't trying to troll.

    Remember Ivan, I officially retired after orchestrating the "Oleg Me-155 April Fool's." No where to go after that.
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    Thing is crash is like he said making parody of most whiner blue/red threads. If you do not believe me, your mind is clouded with bias.

    To see that I am right just replace Bf-109 with Spitfire, FW-190 with P-47, MG151 with Hispano... you get it.

    <span class="ev_code_RED">Whine</span>_<span class="ev_code_BLUE">on!</span>
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    Originally posted by x__CRASH__x:
    You assume this is a trolling thread.

    It's not. Too obvious.
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