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    for some strange reason i cannot use the ESC button whilst flying on all formats of the game. it means i cannot icannot access controls menu and come out of a paticular game. also whilst in flight the map that is usually on the right of the screen is now on the left. any suggestions to mend the problems
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    Hi, i dont know why the esc, doesnt work, to move the map around you have to right and left click at the same time on the edge of the nap to move it around.
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    for the map problem, hit m it will show the minimap, now hold the pointer at the thick border,now press both mouse buttons and keep them pressed, you can now move the map whereever you want.

    For the esc button check your key config in the set up

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    You might also want to check you conf.ini file to ensure you have the following:

    [HotKey gui]

    Hope one of the suggestions helps.

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    where can i locate con.ini.
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