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    Does make you wonder what kind of emergency makes you need a shemale-vid folder right there on the desktop, where you can reach it without a seconds delay.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


    "Intelligent, normally observant and answered all questions freely. He was arrogant and proud to be a pilot. Fellow prisoners in hospital consider him mentally unstable."
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    at least it wasnt photos of himself naked with a horse in a tub of chocolate
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    You should be proud, you posted it here and in 10 minutes you killed thier forum LOL
    Funny thing is when I read the word shemale here I was confused and pronouncing it wrong. (Shumalls)I read over there and about spit my coke out in my office. Did he ever post again?

    Deicided I better lock this since that forum has so much adult nature stuff in the the avatars, the titles bla bla bla, before I get scolded by someone for not closeing it.

    You know that guy is thinking, OMG I am as stupid as everyone Claims I am

    Originally posted by cawimmer430:
    Here's the thread. Hilarious.

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    Flying as BlitzPig_TOAD
    My TrackIR fix, Read the whole thread
    Charvel's Tutorial on setting up yout Track Ir

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    LMAO<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

    You need blokes like me to fly Blue side!
    Banning Planes OnLine? NOT COOL, M'KAY?
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