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    Just curious about what planes are most needed in IL2/FB/AEP/PF? From most needed, I mean those planes that had a great impact on different fronts, yet are not currently in the game.

    For me, I'd say:

    VVS: Pe-2
    LW: ju-88
    IJN/IJA: betty
    USAFF: b17/b24 - one or the other would fit fine. Can you imagine the LW trying to shoot one of these monsters down w/ the weapons currently modeled? LOL

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    a IJAAF bomber , AI controled , a Ki-21 ore Ki-48 !

    thats a, from a view of a missionbuilder , realy missed plane.
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    For Normandy and late war West Europe stuff?

    I'd love to see:
    - FW190F-9 with Panzerfaust rockets
    - B-26 AI
    - A-26 flyable (complete with armament options including 8 .50cal gunpods)

    And of course my hot list includes the Tempest V, Spitfire XIV, and the Typhoon (but we'll never see that one in this game).
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    I was hoping for just maybe a couple more British bombers.

    The Ar-234 of course that thing was nastyyy, and the Japanese Shinden that thing is a beast too.

    The other one would be the Do-335 and the Mosquito but were getting those so I won't whine.
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    Vickers Wellington.
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    look in orr hienz the constant whines worked and made oleg make change. You dont even need guns 190s and 109s can fly right thru all heavy bombers wings without a scratch.

    Its a good thing the mg151 is getting stronger but its a bad thing if all weapons dont get corrected and just mg151.

    whats next elevator whines dm whines the 190 when shot in the wing becoming unstable becuase its overmodeled rudder effectiveness and over sensative roll like the b239 yak i16 p40 and others? and loosing speed which happens to all ac in game but just whine for that? Oleg will probally change anything you guys constantly post about same 8-9 people for 15-16 pages in many threads just to fix the only plane they fly.

    b-24 flyable

    arado 234

    fixed me262 fm and no instant fires being put out and the backbone of the luft on the eastern front the do217 which is missing from this game.
    109g4 is needed, he100, and some german hs biplanes

    lancaster bomber and tallboy bomb

    the p51a b c with 4 hispano cannon

    late war hurricanes with vickers cannon

    japanese biplanes
    american and british float planes

    french, czech, italian, slovak and polish ac are needed very much as well and maps
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    I want this one

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    Another useful on topic post by Copperhead v2.0

    Anything eastern front is needed. The russians have needed a real medium bomber since IL2 originally came out.
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    I'd say an Avenger, Devastator, P-47M/N, B-24, B-17, a Nick, any flyable Japanese torpedo plane, or just about anything to really add to the Pacific, but since we won't get it, I'm glad at least the British might finally be getting some of their birds in the patch rather than another Spitfire (honestly how many Spits, 109s and Yaks did any of us need) and hopefully the Italian AC will make it in cause their models just look sweet and it would be a shame to see them go to waste..
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    Ki 27, A5M, Nakajima Type 96, and the proper maps for them.

    Gladiator MkII, Swordfish, Fulmar, Firefly. to properly represent the RN.

    P36/Hawk 75, A 36, P40 N. because I like them.

    Curtiss SB2C, Curtiss SOC. because you cannot have to many Curtiss aircraft.

    Ju 88, Do 17, Hs 129.

    MC202 MC 200 MC 205... because they are sexy.
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