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    I've always been a hard core allies player, from migs to spitties to good ol' U.S. Lightnings and Hellcats, but for the first time last week, I took up a Japanese plane online. It was amazing! I was turning inside everyone and even caught up to this dude who tried to out climb me in a corsair! I think I might switch from american planes to Japanese ones!

    From crazyivan: I am not sure if you doing this on purpose or you just dont get it... last time i am correcting: It`s japanese and american - next time i`ll lock it.
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    Being a dedicated axis flyer, it was sort of hard to get used to planes that could actually turn! It's kind of neat!

    But they dont have the speed to dictate when and where you want to fight. In that respect, the allied (US planes) beat them hands down.
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    Come over to the dark side
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    Flying for both sides (depending on how the status is on the server I join) with really no preference, I'd say axis and allies planes in PF are equally good depending on HOW you fly them. In a Japanese fighter you of course have to take advantage of the turnrate and in an Allies fighter the speed of course. It's all about using the plane's good characteristics.

    Speed is however an "easier" advantage, you can most of the time dictate when or where the dogfight will take place.

    Beeing a certified Cr@pplaneflyer I tend to look for the Val - but not sure wheather to call it a Cr@pplane or not yet, it is actually quite leathal in a correct planesetting.
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    True that if you are in a Wildcat and have lots of Zeroes around the best thing you can do is to leg it by diving away (given enough altitude, that is). I gguess in real life USN pilots relied a lot on their better voice comms and teamwork, but alas we all mostly fly on our own in DF rooms...

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    ki43 1c and zero 5b are the best

    both have great climb, at low speed u will outclimb a dora...

    IJA/N can compete now
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    Yeah...Zero A6M5b is a rocket. Good handling, good firepower, and its very fast for a Zero.
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    I agree. May sound corny, but the D3A1 Val is my favorite plane. VERY agreeable flight characteristics especially at very low speeds (130 kmh and slower), and it can land and take off from ANYWHERE. Obviously, for combat, the Val isn't my first choice, but for flying for pleasure and "bush flying" it's an excellent aircraft.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Beeing a certified Cr@pplaneflyer I tend to look for the Val - but not sure wheather to call it a Cr@pplane or not yet, it is actually quite leathal in a correct planesetting. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    I find that many of your so called cr@p planes are lethal in the right hands.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LStarosta:
    I find that many of your so called cr@p planes are lethal in the right hands. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Please realize that the moniker "cr@p planes" isn't used in a negative connotation.

    Anyone you see here talking about "cr@p planes" is a fan of those planes, and prefers them to later war high performance planes.
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    Indeed Greenhorn, I concur. I think my squadron mate F19_Ob described the refinement of Cr@pplanes(â"ž¢) quite eloquently in this thread:


    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by F19_Ob:
    It is possible to shoot the ubers down but it will take some effort and time, thinking too.
    Imagine yourself strutting around in a late heavy stuka and suddenly U find a furball in your flightpath. U could try to avoid and fly around it but that'd take all day. So...Instead U get rid of that heavy bomb and join the merry goaround. Those spits and P40's chasing messer-buddies have no clue that this stuka has two 20mm cannons and become very surprised when their wings detach and oil splatters the screen.
    When onself moments later hang in the chute, its very amusing If one can count 3 allied fighters shot down, and even more amusing to know that my opponents are kicking themselves for letting a cr@p-stuka be their doom.
    That is what old cr@p can do if the conditions are right.

    The challenge for every dedicated cr@pflyers is that he knows he is on the disadvantage but he is gona win anyway.
    Even if one only succeed to escape from from a opponent that can outspeed, outclimb, outturn, outroll and outgun U it is a victory.
    So every time I manage to shoot down or escape 109's in a heavy 2 seat il-2, that will make up for all the times I get shot down, especially if the opposit teams advantage in numbers were overwhelming.
    Thats why.......
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