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    (if you need to, then you can move this to Community Help, I guess, but it's not really a problem, just a question)

    I was wondering if there was a way to roll back Forgotten Battles/Pacific Fighters without reinstalling it. After flying against Ai-piloted I-153's (in the campiagn) that kept up with a climbing Bf-109, I've had it with 403/404 AI.

    Even if no one has a non-reinstalling way to roll back PF, that's alright. I can back up stuff.
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    Just apply an earlier PF upgrade patch. You'll lose your 4.03m content though.
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    I have 3.03m, 4.01m, 4.03m and 4.04m all on my desktop. Create a new folder (it can be in My Documents if you like), copy the Forgotten Battles folder into it, and re-install the desired patch in it. Then, name it what you like, and create a shortcut to it.

    When you want to play something other than the latest and (supposedly) greatest patch, you load your CD in the drive, exit the autoloaded menu, and then click on the shortcut to your preferred patch version.

    This allows you to 'fly' all the versions you want, and make some direct comparisons.

    3.03 wasn't nearly as good as I remembered it; I may have to go back to the "good ol' days" of before PF...


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