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    as above, downloaded the outfit, but it is not displayed in my outfits menu, i have re downloaded in several times, but to no avail, i have restarted the game, and the console, and it is still not displayed in the outfits menu... can anyone help??

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    does nobody know... this is really getting on my nerves.
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    It's in you're capes menu.
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    no its not
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    You need to get it from uplay for it to show in capes.
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    i downloaded it from the xbox store front, it cost me 400 Microsoft points... the same place i downloaded sequence 12 and 13 from and seem to be playing fine> surly its the same thing???
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    Umm, wow just wow, that outfit isn't in-game, its for your avatar.
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    Dude what you bought at the marketplace was the AVATAR outfit for your avatar. Start the game And go to Uplay and buy the outfit off of there. ****head.
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    Solidpanic, there is no need for that kind of language- if you want to help posters, then do so constructively, without resorting to namecalling.
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    wow, solidpanic = keyboard warrior, your like an internet guru with your 22 post's...
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