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    will you be a good or bad assassin
    good- being nice to citizens
    bad-kill anyone who gets in your way

    i will be good first time round then bad second
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    I would be good in the beginning but it would be cool to save it and then just go on a rampage killing everything. If you die just reload the save.
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    ima go the other way around but not save then starting fresh once I know how to play well
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    I usualy play a game how it wants me. But im gunna be a rebel and go evil!

    Playing more aggresivly and spookily like pushing people around in back alleys and pushing guards off roofs into crowds!

    Ill also try being very good at freerunning and make my moving look cool *wont be bothered wether its the best was so long as it looks awsome!!*

    Oh 1 question

    Is there anyway to record on the xbox 360? without a video camera fixed to the screen? :P
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    Magnus_LTD's Avatar Member
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    Sep 2007
    Under your bed

    Whatever He said...

    Edit: I was going to say that to ROBOJOE...
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    Good... or whatever means leads to needing to fight the least...
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    Hehe NP :P


    *Jumps out of his window onto the neighbours roof jumps accross to the next house AC style then swings on the lamp post and gets the neighbours fish in a head lock*

    /\ would be cool if i could do that/\
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    il kill anyone who stands in the way of my target,il push away beggers,kill troublemakers instead of punching them

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    Well...I've never tried the good approach because ofm y horrid patience I'll try good . However if anyone gets in my way I'll kill them. A probable scenario...I'm walking through the town heading to my target, some guy steps on my foot...I take out the hidden blade slice his throat, cut his eyes out, and then hang him on a flagpole. Nah, I'm kidding I'll be nice, I'll probably push him though...
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    Dhaos-'s Avatar Junior Member
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    Anyone who dares get in my way will die, even if it's just a beggar asking for money.

    It might make the game harder, however I've always thought it's funnier to be evil rather then being good.
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