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    he is looking for help and you lock it?

    i thought this tried to be a comunity who cared about tthe menbers
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    I agree. He is asking for help, and needs to express what he's going through.
    Bad lock.
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    Raaaaid for mod!
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    Raaaaid have you considerd making your own forum?

    An area for free expression of ideas and Rose McGowan threads.
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    Raaaid making sense?
    Agree, bad lock...
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    I suppose there are a few things a mod might object to. I believe discussing (and advocating) the effects of non-prescribed drugs is probably a big no-no on a Ubi-hosted forum, leaving any mod little room for manoeuvring. Wherever my sympathies may lay, I recognise why it's barred.

    So I'd like to hope the lock wasn't specifically aimed at Aimail. He is after all a long-time community member, down on his luck and experiencing some very unpleasant symptoms. Whatever imbalance is present, neurological physiological or psychological, it's causing him great anxiety & distress.
    The reaction has been friendly & supportive which is valuable and positive at such a time and from a lonely place.

    My advice would be - don't panic about seeing a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. This doesn't = being a 'loon'
    You may derive much help in dealing with the severity of your symptoms by taking that route. I wish you well in it, Aimail

    I think a lock on people discussing their health is a tricky thing to administer. I don't think it's inappropriate in a community forum if someone writes to say they're facing surgery or feeling down. They take the chance of some thoughtless replies - but still get plenty of reassurance too. Just before I went to have spinal implants I received warm wishes from a few people here and on other forums and they were gratefully received. It's good to know you have a few supporters when you face stuff like that.

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    Stop your whining pussies, raaaaid... don't you have some chicken entrails to read or something?
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    how about getting yourself a job?
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    I think raaaid and Aimail are the same person.
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    I don't care what Chuck ( BBB462cid ) Older thinks, this is as good a place as any to share our thoughts. For one thing, writing the mods directly does not allow us to share between ourselves our personal thoughts on the matter. And doing it this way does not in itself, violate the forum rules he himself so anally adheres to.

    It's on topic and affects us all, so we can share our opinions if we so choose!! Besides, he is not an mod himself so therefore has no authority in the matter. Case dismissed, court is adjourned.......
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