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    I thought I saw a Catalina in the trailer, but I don't see it in the Final Pacific Fighters plane list post, is this because it has a different designation? I would love to have this as a flyable aircraft, with my mates trying to defend me from a swarm of zeroes...
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    I dont think it is. Maybe in the patch. Dunno but I know one of the community guys- forget his name- modeled it for fb and I saw it online many many moons ago as some sort of flyable without the pit.

    It's a pretty historic bird too. Helped sink the Bizmarke- and all that- and it would be fun to hunt subs in.

    We'll see I guess.
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    gibbage is the one who moddled it or is moddeling. suposed to be in PF after release.
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    could it have been the PBN Nomad that you saw?
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    Naw it was the big cat. I remember dude trying to fly it biatching about the runway and wondering why he couldnt take off in the water.

    Sort of stuck in my memory banks as funny and unusual.
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    lol, that reply was ment for Anjinsama dude.
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    coulda been the nomad, it was a twin flying boat, high wing and had what looked like bubbles at the waist gunner positions. Maybe my imagination just got away with me, though when I think WWII pacific theatre, I think of three US aircraft. Corsair, Hellcat, and Catalina. I dunno, maybe I'm just weird, but I'd love to take off and land anywhere in the ocean. The sub hunting sounds fun too... Depth charges away!!!
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    Sorry. I feel shame like you know going to the penalty box. You feel shame. Thats the way I feel atm.

    Sorry for the butcher'd quote from slapshots btw.
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    It's the nomad,i've seen some things psoted about gibbage one day saying he was making the nomad for PF. it isn't flyable but he's working on it, and the bubbles you see are the blisters where the gunners are located
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    Keep an Eye on our Site for Missions when the PBY becomes flyable.


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