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    To what extent do you want the blood in this game to be?

    I hope it's very gory actually(not to the point of limbs falling off just lots and lots of blood).
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    HorTyS's Avatar Senior Member
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    Feb 2003
    gory and fairly gory are similar enough. you should've had a 'realistic' option, thats what i'd have voted for...
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    kew414's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jun 2005
    I would say rather not too bloody or, like hortys said, realistic.
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    XBfreak_101's Avatar Banned
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    Sep 2006
    I hope the blood isnt fake looking. I would want a realistic amount of it depending on how you kill the enemy.
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    lol. If this game hold true to the way of the assassin then there should be little to no blood. And with a health system set up the way this one is, I would say that the blood will be just as realistic. Never was a fan of extreem blood.....
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    .. im with jovial 100%

    and ne1 is willing to explan me how to put a signature on i have a pic but how do i link it?
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    i like having blood in a game but too much can spoil a game and cause the age rating to go up ( not that i am bothered because i have san andreas n shizzle )
    but i would like to see realistic blood

    in that gameplay video i liked the way when you assassinate william the blood spats up when you stab him in the back of the neck

    IMO they should not get limbs chopped off, well maybe heads but thats nothing new

    also when people die and collapse to the floor they should be in a pool of blood

    1 last point, if you are injured duy to a fight, depending where the wound is you should leave a trail of blood dropplets, this would mean guards could track you and it would be up to you to heal it and lose their tail
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    There wont be Mortal Kombat style blood, flowing off them in big drips and stuff, but i hope its gona be realistic...i have a feeling there wont be much blood as a high gore level means a higher game age limit, and i think ubi want this to stay mature so its aimed at a bigger target market.
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    I went with realistic, but by that I DON'T mean above gory.

    Yes, there should be blood. But not like most people would think of when they say "realistic." I don't mean gallons of blood squirting out, and limbs being removed left and right, because that's NOT at ALL realistic. If I see my sword slash straight through a guy's neck, sure, I wanna see his head fly off. But if I swing my sword and I hit him in the chest, then I don't want to see him flying in half. Limb removal isn't common in real-life. Honestly, most deaths by swords were probably done by stabbing, not by cutting off the guy's head with your claymore.

    I want to see realistic ammounts of blood. Not a gorefest, but not a tiny little mist of red.

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