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    best all
    I'm not sure where I have to post this, so I will post it here.
    Do you know those save cittesence, whre you are close to the edge (in the countryside? Everytime, When I start to attack them with my assassin fist, the guards start hitting the recruit, and ofourse, he stay at the ledge, get hit and falls down (soemtimes even in a bale of hay) and dyes, annooooyyiiing
    any help?
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    1. Select throwing knives.
    2. Hold down X(Square on PS3)
    3. Target the three guards
    4. Let go.
    5. Ezio kills the three guards with his knives and the citizen let's go of the guard.

    Did that help?
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    Off topic i know but your second lower video on your signature is awsome Victor.
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    Also off topic( it's myn topic, so I'm allowed)thanks, great 2 here. But the only thing wich suprises mme, is, what do you not like about the one fro. Ac2?
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    I'm going to move this here-
    Assassin's Creed Hints & Tips
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