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    Originally posted by Warrington_Wolf:
    What a coincidence, I cancelled my gym membership this evening because I finally had enough with the place. I got fed of the waiting to use equipment (my record is 20 minutes for a treadmill, then I gave up and buggered off home). Then when you were on equipment the "sted-heads" would keep bugging people (including me) constantly asking "how many more sets?" or "how long have you got left to run"? . What really pissed me off that there was not enough equipment to go around and yet the staff were STILL showing people around and signing them up.
    I wouldn't mind the wait if the equipment was in decent shape but it wasn't, it was often not working as it should or not working at all.
    Just before Christmas 9 out of 12 treadmills were out of action and they didn't get fixed until mid January and even then 4 of them had restrictions, you couldn't go faster than 4 mph because in their words it "has a tendency to stop suddenly" .
    The music that they played was also a major headache (I literally had a headache when I left), because all they would play was all this techno trance bollocks at maximum volume. I even took my iPOD with me and tried to listen to Metallica or Iron Maiden (perfect for running) and I couldn't hear it because the music was that loud.
    I tried to complain but the management is non existent and the "trainers" (I use that term very loosely) couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery .
    I have now decided to take up Karate again, it is 8 years since I last did it so there is a lot of rust that I will need to shake off. I cannot wait to start doing it again and I have really missed it since my last club went bust.

    P.S. The so called gym that I went to was owned by JJB, I am naming and shaming them because I don't want others to waste their money on this poor quality excuse for a gym.

    P.P.S. if anyone asks "wasn't there anything good about it?", there was one, the bird on the desk was gorgeous but that was about it.
    You should try the Fitness First in Great Sankey, very good gym, and have you seen the one in the old aircraft hangar at Speke airport?..brilliant use for an old industrial building.
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    Colorado Mountain!!!
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