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    If you were thinking of a new flight sim, what noew features would it have (or old forgotten ones)? I'm assuming perfect FM and DM, maps and campaigns are all a given. And that the aircraft types you want are there.

    What NEW things would you like to see in a flight sim?

    I'll kick off with open AI programming, possibly with AI vs AI contests...
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    I would like to see the world included. And a time generator, which would make the world grow from time frame to different time frame. For example, if the sim cover 1914 to 1991 air war, then, it would be nice to include progressively new buildings in some sort of city-generator.

    I would like very detailed avionics and instruments for all of the planes, and have most of the planes included.

    This is somewhat off topic, but at work I was thinking up a Cold War, what-if? sim.

    The decade is the 1960s. Maybe we can start off in 1961. The conflict may happen ANYWHERE in the world- and it does. This is why most of the world needs to be modelled to some degree- even if it is MSFS-style.

    Long distances will be flown.

    I thought up 20 aircraft which could be modelled, and would be a very compromising selection. 2 or 3 submodels of each could be included, or subsituted with another plane, when possible.

    Planes are divided up into the most prominent of the era.


    Mirage III
    Mystere IVA


    A-7 (both Navy and AF)
    B-26 Invader
    B-57 (though this may count as a subversion of the Canberra)
    F-4 -both Navy and AF versions (maybe B,C,D,E,and J)

    J35 Draken

    That's just over 20 planes.

    With the speed, and the distance, it is no surpirse that the world must be modelled. Also, attention should be payed to low altitudes, just as they were in IL2.

    Now for AI controlled planes,,,,,


    Mirage V

    Tu 95


    and that's all for now.

    Thanks for reading.
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    My list would, of course, start with uncompromising accuracy and realism in flight modeling. Any sim should HAVE to have that.

    I'd improve on the IL-2 scenario design module to give authors full control not only of the aircraft and ground units, but also of the POINT SCHEDULES. I'd add in some automatic event and consequence code, so that you could start with a situation, and have the next one(s) result from how each side does, and also factor in random events or history to use as a guide to produce the next result.

    The sim would have built in capability to export data to hosts; damage, gunnery, who-killed-who, individualized scoring, who-fulfilled-triggering-event.

    The maps wouldn't be "snippets", but would be able to simply draw from real topo data.

    Finally, I'd design the sim in such a way that it GUIDED the participants to explore the history, but still left the door open for some intelligent what-ifs. That way, the action might be something like 80% historic exploration, 20% what-if. I'd also try to design it so online play would gravitate more around co-op, than dogfighting.

    To the pilot above who talked about the '60s, try Strike Fighters/Wings Over Vietnam. It's a medium core sim, but they have a really wide selection of 60s and 70s planes (and increasingly some WWII planes added in)
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    A pilot relief tube.
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    P-51 vs. Modern Jet fighters.

    It would be a hard fight, but in the Mustang, I could take 'em.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SkyChimp:
    A pilot relief tube. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Wouldn't that be more of a hardware addon from Thrustmaster or Saitek rather than a software issue?
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Hrdina:
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SkyChimp:
    A pilot relief tube. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Wouldn't that be more of a hardware addon from Thrustmaster or Saitek rather than a software issue? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Its a BNZ weapon. You're flying along at 25,000 feet and your German targets are flying below and behind at 20,000 feet. You want to mess em up a bit? Open the relief tube

    Oh man...thats odd
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    I'd add a revamped version of CFS3's campaign interface. Maybe without being able to call invasions or whatnot, but depending on how well you do in a particular sector, you get to see just how exactly you influenced the front line. Once you get high in rank, maybe you should be able to plan out sorties and request other (AI) squadrons to assist or whatever. I know IL2 right now has a dynamic frontline, but you just don't seem to realize it as much...
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    I would like air frame stress included in the game. As it is now, the IL2 series favourize the agile but fragile airplanes. You can pull a hard manourver and they might stall, but not rip the wings off, as their real counterpart would. I played Janes Attack Squadron a little bit before the original IL2. I was used to be nimble on the joystick on high velocities on that game. In Il2, all I would risk was bleeding energi or get into a stall. In Il2 you can dive without fear of ripping of peaces of your aircraft. As long as the prop pitch is OK, even a wooden "paper" aircraft can take huge stress.
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    I would want it to be like Janes, ion terms of

    chat interface...FB one cant even hold the backspace button...and the pretyped message thing is useless, it make screws u up to type numbers first when in a hurry...plus sometimes when i hit the "I" key while in chat, my engine turns off

    kill/loss team/individual counter instead of do-nothing point-***** encouraging scoring of FB

    with no cockpit view, the instrument pop up Janes had

    as in Janes, the option to have a PIP tgt window, and tracking arrow for only ONE enemy at a time, again like Janes

    sounds like Janes or even better

    a mission builder like Janes...all interfaces on Janes were MUCH more user-friendly towards computer no nothings

    change that client side/user side thing that results in spawn lag

    Janes ability to toggle gun sets in the 190

    Janes ability to "train" weapon drops like bombs (if this is historically accurate...could, say, a Jug driver drop his bombs one at a time, or in any order he chose? anyone know?)

    change FB's mini bar of alt hdg and spd to include optional ammo counter, as in Janes

    Janes gun jamming, when fired at high G

    Janes kill marking that add on to your ship skin as you get kills, and subtracting them as you get killed

    the swingin tunes featured in Janes museum, WAY better than the dirge FB has

    basically, I want Janes WWII fighters, but with FB planes, FM/DM etc lol
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