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    It seems to me that the people who make the most from Maddox sims are the hardware manufacturers. i mean how much has each of us spent on Video cards basically jsut to play these sims ?
    If Piracy is threatening to eat up the profits, then maybe .....

    Imagine if 1C formed a partnership with a vid card manufacturer, whereby future sims would be designed specifically to run on their chipsets.

    Many of us decide what video card to buy because of the games we want to run. It may not be an ideal situation for us gamers, but it sure beats not having any more 1C sims in the future.
    Just a thought....
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    um... that's a bad idea. And I don't see how it would effect piracy @ all. I mean you may cut the # of ppl who would d/l the game, but that's only because you'll cut down on the # of players total.
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    Won't cut down on piracy but it would provide another source of revenue. I'm thinking that the vid card maker would be willing to pay a fee to a company like Maddox games. I would not have done half as many upgrades were it not for Il2, FB etc.
    Now I have no idea if the hardware industry has a enough of a profit margin to make something like this viable. But when I go out & spend a couple hundred dollars just to play one game I wish some of that money was going to the sims' creators. It might make programming easier as well if you only had to support one manufacturer.
    Another alternative is the monthly subscription service of the online games. I don't like that much either.

    As for piracy it is rampant in China for example & is hurting not just gaming , but the movie & music industry as well as manufactured items.
    Anyway, just something I'd thought of over the years & never heard mentioned. Would be interested in hearing from people who know more about the industry than I do.
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    If they had that kind of relationship and coded only for one card (any brand), I would personally
    pirate it, and distribute it, on principle alone.
    It's bad enough now with card specific optimizations (see Doom3), but coding something to run only on one brand is suicidal.
    Bad idea that would increase piracy and alienate
    half of your customers.
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    Please note. The new high level of water detail only works on NV cards. It may already be happening.
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    Looking at the wrong partnership.

    Better to sell the flight stick and stuff.
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    Nothing is stopping ATI from using SM3.0 in a future product line. Nvidia does not hold a patent on it. As far as I know, the next batch of new ATI cards will incorporate SM 3.0 . Note : nothing is stopping Oleg and crew from coding ATI's instancing and/or SM2.0b feature either . e.g. : FarCry's short lived patch.
    However, if someone were to use an Nvidia specific code (or ATI) so that the game only works with that makers card (or even severely downgrades the competitors quality/performance) then that is unnacceptable. If I wanted that ****, then I'd play console games.
    Personally I think Oleg is too smart to fall for a scheme like that. I have no doubt they will make a good return on their hard work. If I can still run perfect settings on my 9800 pro , then all will be good in the world. I'll spring for SM3.0 when the next generation of cards is out (I'm skipping this generation). And I'll spring for a Maddox game whenever I find one, without question.

    P.S. : The swear filter caught c*r*a*p* ? Man, get a grip.
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