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    Out of interest and because of all the great games out these days I figured I'd ask how much you're all playing PF versus others.

    This is what I'm playing in order of hours logged in each this week:

    1. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (XBox)
    2. Brothers in Arms (Xbox)
    3. FS2004 - a part of my weekly gaming every week
    4. PF...
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    1. PF

    2. FS2004. Looking for a decent 747 (Not Meljet or PSOKY)
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    SeaNorris, I know it's not a 747, but the PMDG 737 is such a step above freeware planes it makes Fs2004 seem like an entirely new sim.

    That said I like the Meljet 747s...
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    My gaming alternates between season. In August/Sept, I pick up the latest copy of Madden football, and am happily occupied with it till somewhere around the Super Bowl. Immediately after that, its back to flight simming I go. Past couple years, its been WW2OL. This season, I decided to try out this one. I doubt I'll go back to WW2OL

    Regardless of season, tho, the dog/house/wife limit me to about 5-10 hours a week of gaming.
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    I played a lot of Rome Total War since it came out last fall. I certainly got my money's worth, but haven't touched it in a couple of months.

    I tried Star Wars KOTOR 2 last month. I'm not much into RPGs. It was enjoyable, but then a bug, 30 hours into the game, ruined it for me. The new ATI cat 5.4 fix should help. Don't know if I will try and finish it.

    I tried Pirates! last week. Great game, I loved the original. But for some reason, this game couldn't hold my interest for more than ten hours. It's too easy.

    I have an unopened copy of Half Life 2 sitting on my desk. I really looked forward to this game. I just can't bring myself to play it. Maybe it is all the **** about steam.

    So, I have actually been playing FB/PF a lot lately. I can go months without touching it, but I always come back. It certainly gets the award for longevity.

    My other favorites, that I often come back too, are the combat mission series. I might have to fire that up.
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    Recently got SH 3 and love it. Been a fan since the days of Commadore 64 and Silent Service. Also have the original Silent Hunter, Commanders Edition.
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    On Weekends It's strictly PF with my squad mates. When I'm not on with them I play some of the following, Call of Duty, Silent Hunter 3, Sid Meier's Pirates, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Star Wars Battlefront, and then some various xbox games. PF is fun as hell when playing with the squad. Silent Hunter has turned out to be pretty awesome, but call of duty is just a great game to blow off some steam to. I also play golf every Saturday, and from time to time break out the beer and play some lawn darts with my brother lol.
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    FB+AEP+PF I play the most of. Offline, online, mission building, you name it.

    Then C&C Generals when I want to unwind and blow stuff up. WarCraft 3 if I don't want to play Generals. Raven Shield on PC or Halo 2 on X-Box if those aren't cutting it.

    None of them is as interesting as the Forgotten Battles series.
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    50% Civil War Bull Run
    40% Hidden & Dangerous II Sabre Squadron
    10% Pacific Fighters
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