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    Where are the saved games located? I looked in the game directory (typical location for Cyan) and under My Documents (like Revelation) and didn't find anything that looked like a save game related to Myst V...

    I like to back up saved games so in case I need to reinstall my system I can pick up where I left off.

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    goto c:, documents and setting, [username], local settings, application data, myst V end of ages, sav, store.

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    thanks. Gets annoying when you have to hunt down things like this in hidden directories on your computer.
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    Gah that is a fairly annoying place for saved games. Better than Myst 4 tho and those other rude games that shove them in your My Documents folder.

    Don't game designers realise that people like to KEEP FILES in there!? And don't want games making mountains of folders there too.
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    Thank god this question is llready on the board, WITH an answer

    I was going crazy looking for those saved games...

    I just installed Myst5 on my PC last week, and started playing. But now I need to go on a business-trip, and wanted to "port" my saved games to my laptop.
    Yeah... I know... I'm addicted :P
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    and for Mac users it's equally as deep:

    [name of your main hard drive]>Users>[name of your primary Admin user with little house icon]>Library>Application Support>Myst V End of Ages>sav

    I'm not crazy about how they installed it this time... it's in three subfolders! First Ubisoft>Cyan Worlds>Myst V and that's in your Applications or Games subfolder where you specify! Yikes!
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    This is the only thread that addresses game save location. My problem, and I don't think there's a solution, I deleted game saves thinking that I'd have less pages to turn.
    Is it too much work and too iffy for a rather "novice" computer person to mess with those files to really delete game saves?
    I'd imagine I'd have to get into several files to do that?
    If it's a hassle and best left untouched, just say so! Tx.
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    The thing is that in order to comply with the Windows Logo specifications and to support multiple users with separate saves, there's only really two places that saves can go. Either in Application Data (which is hidden), or My Documents (which isn't). Nowhere else is really "safe", on a machine with multiple users (especially if some of them are limited users).

    And yes, maryc, you should probably leave the files alone if you consider yourself a novice Just delete them in-game if you want -- that will reduce the number of pages you have to flip, if not the disk space used. Evidence seems to point to the slots getting overwritten (ie. if you delete game 1, then the files are left behind, but the next save you make replaces them), so it should be self-correcting.
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    What a terrible system! I don't install or run applications off my OS drive, so I never would have looked on my OS drive to find a savegame file.
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    I'm at work at the moment, and can't check this, but are your journal text files saved in there too? I remember in Path of the Shell, where the text was saved as an HTML document in the SAV folder. Is EoA similar?
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