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    So, how's it?

    Since I haven't yet purchased Pe addon, I'd like to invite all who did to this discussion. So which twing is teh new best now for different roles?

    I am especially interested in Pe3/Pe3bis versions, what armament/loadout/ammocount do they have, what speed, maneouverability compared to other comparable twins in sim (Mossie, 110, Beau, A20...). Which of these twins would you take for:

    Dueling 1v1 versus other twins?
    Dogfighting 12v12 versus other twins?
    CAS versus lightly armoured targets?
    CAS versus tanks?
    Bomber interception?
    Which one do you think has a highes survival probability when jumped by single engined fighters?
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    The 110 surely is the most versatile a/c.
    It is well amored and has a large variety of loadouts. It has a reargunner and is relatively fast.

    You can do everything of the above mentioned tasks with it with a good degree of success.

    The Mossie is fast but lacks armor and loadouts options. Yet it has powerful guns. BnZ on other twins and bomber interception can be done.

    The Pe-2 is mostly a groundpounder. It is quite sensitive to enemy fire and has a rather weak frontal armament. It stalls if you pull it into narrow turns. The wing profile doesn't allow high AoAs. In the sim, it can only carry bombs.

    The Pe-3 has slats, which allows tighter turns.
    The armament is quite potent and it is fast, too. The problem of weak armor remains. Bomber interception is the forte of this aircraft.

    Just my 2 euro-cents
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    an important tactical point id the huge difference in max Dive speed between the Pe3 (and sure the Pe2) and the others !

    the Pe-3 breaks up at around 900km/h IAS !
    the Bf110G at ~700
    the Mosquito at ~740
    the Beaufighter at ~720
    the A-20G at ~750

    the Pe-3bis is most propably the best plane in this "crowd"
    and too against single engine fighters.
    it has a higher max dive than a lot of single engined fighters in game.
    it has a good armament (2 UB, 2 Shvak , one UB for rear).
    good turn.

    just for bombing it has not a high bombload - therefore you have the Pe-2
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    So far I'd agree with Frankyboy. Pe3 is a very nice plane to fly. Maybe when the later war Mosquito with more powerful Merlins appears it will have some competition. You can't beat the Mossie for forward firepower though.

    For all round light bomber action though I'll always consider the A20 before any other. In the right hands that plane can dogfight, its got defensive guns, lots of bombs, its quick and had great forward firepower.
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    Beaufighter be sure.....its the only plane out of that lot whos engines dont spontaneouslsy combust at the first sign of bullet.

    It sure is not anywhere near as good looking as the others but I think it all comes down to survivability.....would be nice to have the version with the rear gunner.
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    You can't beat the Mossie for forward firepower though
    How about the Beaufighter? 4 x 20mm, 4 x .303 (Mossie) vs 4 x 20mm, 4 x .50cal!!!

    Dueling? A20
    Dogfighting? Beau
    CAS? Mossie (Can concentrate on accuracy more as targets are light and require less oomph)
    CAS? Beau
    Bomber intercept? Beau It is a stable gun platform (especially in comparison with the 110) and shreds B-25's to bits online Favourite job
    Highest survivability? Beau hands down In the Pacific, these things got tree branches in the engines and still kept going. A bird like that isn't ment to go down.
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    the Beaufighter has the proplem of the not existent rearview - even in the Mosquito you see something !
    but true, the Beau has most propably the toughest DM in comparison to the other mentioned planes.........
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    Yeah there is the problem of the rear view...but in my experience of piloting these bombers online is that by the time I have realised there is somone after me im missing a wing and spiraling towards the ground. My SA definitely needs improving as in a bomber im normally shot down by someone I ddnt even know was on the server let alone my 6.

    Clearly the little guy in the back of the beufighter is shirking his responsibilities and should be sacked for not telling you about enemies near you.
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    Mosquito is the fastest of the lot, particularly below 1500m/5000 feet, where it has a rough 30-60 kph/ 20-35mph advantage over it opponents, even while carrying a bombload.

    The 110G is v clearly the best fighter of the lot, followed by the Pe-3bis, the Mossie and then the Beaufighter. Both the Mossie and the Beau lose marks for no rear gunner (although the Beau probably SHOULD have one, at least historically speaking), and the APPAULING rear view for the Beaufighter.

    The 110G wins all the marks for versatility (plus the sexiest cockpit this side of the Gladiator). Huge range of cannon and bombs, good handling, nasty rear gunner, nice and stable and a reasonable turn. Only the Mossie is faster across the altitude bands.

    If I was going to dive bomb, the Pe-2 359 serise is my new best friend. Stick 4 x 250kg weapons on it, struggle to 2000m/6500 feet and roll over and bomb the target horizontally for maximum accuracy. Don't forget the airbrakes so that you can make the pullout though. I've pancaked a few times after forgetting.

    For missions where you actually expect to see an enemy, the Mosquito probably is your best bet, as long as you dont want to shoot at anything. Flat out, the only thing that will catch it down low before the very end of 1943 is the FW-190, and even then at 1500m/500 feet the FW A5/A6 doesn't have too much of a speed advantage, maybe 20-30 kph/ 15-20mph, at most. 109F4, G2, G6 early/late are all slower down low, as is the 190A4. Once your bombs are dropped you can actually fight in the Mossie as well (just don't expect to do particularly well). At one point I had a better kill/loss ratio in my Mossie than I did in my Tempest.

    The Beaufighter is the battleship of the group. Sure the 110G can actually carry more weaponry (2x30mm and 2x20mm) but 4 x .50 and 4 x 20mm throw out ~95 rounds per second. Bombload is light too although 8 rockets is very nice sometimes. Just remember that we have a torpedo variant of the Beaufight, with engines specifically geared for altitudes below 1000m/3,000 feet. Below this altitude, the Beau is second only to the Mosquito in pace, but once above 1000m it quickly loses speed. At low alt the Beaufighter is suprisingly nimble. I have outturned 110 and 190 drivers in it and given them a nasty suprise.

    A-20 is best for small groups or when you have an escort. Probably the best defensive armament of the group, it can also be turned REALLY hard for such a heavy aircraft. Important to remember if you do get into trouble. Watch your speed bleed though, you'll probably only have enough energy for 2-3 really hard manouvers before your a sitting duck.

    All in all, I like the Mossie best, because you really can't beat that speed in a pre-1944 scenario. 110G is next because of its mass of options and good all round performance. Pe-3bis comes third and the Beaufighter gets pipped out of the placings. If it had a rear gunner, then I think I would actually prefer it to the Pe-3 for ground attack.
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    The (in game) Mossie's stall characteristics just don't float my boat (maybe it's just me). Having a ball with the Pe3 right now...
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