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    My issue right now is, time compression, at 512 or 1024....usually, I'd say 70% of the time, I will get surprised by a DD..I don't get an enemy spotted engage message..its just on top of me...sormy weather clear weather..doesn't seem to matter...
    Do others have this issue..if so do you have a work around....?

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    It isn't at all an issue for me.

    Even before when I normally ran at 512.

    Now I normally run at 1024, this is extra safe for me because it stutters a sescond whenever a ship enters within 35KM's. I have a AMD 2400+.
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    The workaround is going into the sh3/data/sim folder and changing visual sensitivity from .01 to .02

    This seems to resolve the issue, except in heavy fog where you will still get killed if you are silly enough to stay on the surface even in real time.
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    There is a realism setting that increases the range of your sensors, I don't use it because it brings me out of warp too far from the target.

    If I'm patrolling an area e.g. in search patterns, I use 1024x, don't have many accidents. If I have a destination and just want to get there quickly, I use 2048x or 4096x
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    I usually run at x512 in daylight at 9 knots and x1024 at slow on the way into patrol zone. Patrol zone usually at x256 or x512. Only badly surprised twice, and sunk once (by aircraft). Used to run at a max of x112 (or whatever, away from home pc at the mo), but I felt I had to get a better balance between some action and just sailing, given limited time to play.
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    There's a problem with teh game at anything above 256x. Not sure of all of them, but a few people have pointed out these problems..

    Example if running above 512x, Radar equiped aircraft will not detect you on radar, they might visually spot you when closer, but if at night they fly right over you. I've tested this on a small map, and it happens.

    There's is another funny at above 256x, can't remember what it is..
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    There must be boat load of aircraft to spot you then, because after May 1943 I come out of 512X and 1024x time compression getting attacked by aircraft, all the time, sometimes only a minute after I have surfaced.

    Day or night, fog or sunshine.
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