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    well hello ubiforums...I just signed up after seeing many forum topics on prince of persia with lots of friendly fans so I thought it was safe to stop by and register since I have a question I need answering... Well the first POP game i played was T2T, yes I missed out on the other ones which are possibly better...Was a huge fan of T2T but for some reason I never had a chance to touch WW even though I used to own that as well for the Ps2...I guess I must have lost it??? Just disapeared...now only have box and manual :PP

    Well The combat in T2T was amazing and the graphics weren't too bad back then, I was so excited when the game came out, I felt like I've been eagerly waiting for the game to come out for years, maybe I was drunk and DID play WW that I knew all the background story of the prince already :PP

    I've also been dying to try out The Sands of Time, the game that started it all(well not really, you could count the old pc games) I heard the combat was quite different, more free where as in T2T and WW(i guess?) had the manevours you needed to kill the enemy In one move...the game was mostly about timing & executing the attacks right, like sneaking up on the enemy, and if you fail, combat gets pretty touch :P Where as TSoT you can just hit and slash and block from what I seen.

    Anyway I think all the games look amazing, I bought the 2008 game which created a new story arc and a new prince which I think was awesome and the right direction...just the prince and the setting/plot wasn't as cool :P. Beat the game, loved it, but never beat T2T which was the first I tried.

    Now I bought TFS which I hear is a sequel to Sands of Time and prequel to WW to tie things in for the missing plot info.

    But I no longer have a ps2 or xbox, and I do not want to get either of those...So my question is, how can I play TSoT,WW, AND T2T on my 360??? I want to continue what I did not finish, and I hear SoT is the only game to have backwards compatiblity for the Xbox 360...and its been YEARS since I searched xbox 360 BC...so I'm wondering, has or will the games be added to BC list EVER? I mean WW and T2T of course...ordering SoT xbox version online right now. I want to own all pop games for xbox but what use is it, if it does not work on my 360!!! And I will not buy a xbox just for 2 games, so please anyone can help me out here, maybe theres a way I can make it backwards compatible myself LOL, a bit unrealistic but hey with so many computer geniuses out there to make something like God of War playable on the xbox and on the pc(seen it done before) then why not for the complete SoT trilogy???
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    This has been discussed various times.
    The reason why they don't do it is due to financial reasons.
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    financial reasons meaning? It would cost too much updating them to be compatible or because they did not make enough money? I have seen some really poor games on the BC list while alot of classics which made ton of money were left out, so I'm guessing it is reason #1? Too much time and money to do it?
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    No matter what you think, here is what someone said:

    Originally posted by kakalukiaJay:
    If it were possible to gain access to the original source code of the game, you would need to find programmers who can understand the original programming and be able to write new code.
    A remake would require hundreds to thousands of hours of internal programming to handle such "new logic".
    That would not even include the necessary "redesign" many of the game's "rooms". For the new powers to have any strategic value, you would need to rethink how the new power would work throughout the game.

    It would then take hundreds of hours of "quality assurance" testing on EACH gaming system platform (PC, PS/2, etc.) and for each "foreign country language edition."
    I would estimate no less than one million American dollars for the above.
    Include at least another $100,000.00 for a marketing budget.

    You then risk that there is a large enough consumer market to want to purchase the new game.

    Does that help you to understand the risks that game producers must consider in their business decisions?
    I took this from this thread:


    And he is right.
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    Still no excuse not to add compatibility to WW and T2T, they did it for Sands of Time.. Plus that topic was suggesting a remake of WW or a complete revamp for the ps3...which I guess means better graphics etc and ported? I'm talking about just emulating the game to work on the 360.
    I've just searched some forums recently on google and there is a possibility of converting Xbox games(iso files) into 360 iso files and with the right programs to burn it on a DL disc, obviously it has more steps than that..then of course you would have to mod your 360...getting risk of IP ban on Live and no warrenty fix.. But still some have claimed it was sucessful, they have gotten some games to work but they ended up freezing on some missions and don't play too well...

    so thats why emulating is the best option, emulating isn't perfect but at least it has less problems unlike converting which may have lots of errors..you just need to be good at that kind of stuff, I don't know much about cracking games and converting and emulating and such..Microsoft already added 450 xbox titles and expressed how much work it was to emulate the games but did not mention $ at all...they claimed to have a bigger library of emulated games for the BC list than the 360 library of games itself...guess they thought it wasn't worth the work to add all the other games ?

    It is possible to convert the other pop games on your own, but all that work for what...I will not mod my 360 or buy DL disc or spend weeks figuring out the coding, and programs and patching and what not :P


    I guess I will just play Sands of Time on 360, and maybe cross my fingers for microsoft to add more games to BC list in future..or make them DLC at least? They're doing that for dreamcast games, i don't see why not to be honest.
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    Originally posted by persiateddy95:
    This has been discussed various times.
    The reason why they don't do it is due to financial reasons.
    That, and they don't give a ****
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    Quite possibly the likliest reason :PP that is why i hate microshaft
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