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    I wish I could say that the following attack report was the result of my superior skills and cunning as a sub commander, but I can't. In reality, it was more of a lucky accident.

    I'm a pretty conservative skipper. Most of my convoy attacks consist of one pass, look for the best targets, fire my fish and get the hell away.

    I came across a typical 9 ship convoy off the Japanese Coast, average number of escorts, a mix of small, medium and large cargo vessels, nothing to get real excited about. Anyway, I close in, fire 3 fish at a large composite, 2 more at a medium freighter, and as I'm trying to line up for my last shot, here come the pings. I opt to pull the plug, and go deep.

    It becomes pretty clear that I've lost the ecorts, no more pings, no dc's dropped. I'm watching the attack map and notice that the convoy scattered (no surprise), but the bulk of the convoy and all of the escorts as to my SE, I'm heading NW, and there are two ships to my west. As these two start heading back to the rest of the pack I realize they are going to cross across my stern.

    Well, this is too good to be true, the boys in the aft torpedo room rarely get a chance to fire at anything other than a badly damaged target from a previous run. The escorts are depth charging tuna miles away, nailing these two guys would really A) put the icing on the cake for me, and, B) **** off the escorts big time.

    Well, the rest of it worked like a charm, came to PD, lined up my shots and got two additional sinkings. BTW, not one escort every dropped a charge within two hundred yards of me.
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    Nice job skippering, Captain!! (And a good story, too)
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