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    Would love to hear them was it worth the wait/grief? and how are the pedals coming along?
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    Yea I like it alot its like it was the mother of all patches with all the new planes ships artillery everything it is just freakin awsome,I'm still waiting to play online with people I know from here though (hint)
    The pedals eh not so well,they were about one foot too high , and they wouldn't turn left (maybe it was stick) but I plan on getting some material to build anew, maybe metal but probably wood again I just have to keep them small this time. But thanx for asking. And as far as my times online have been goin I liked the standalone game better as it is now,
    I haven't been able to fly with anyone I know, I'm completely out flown by everyone and I'm vulched continuosly and asking them to stop let me fight in the air I just get called names, And then they just kep goin no matter what field I choose to fly from ,I think some guy got 6000 points off of me the other night just by vulching continuously.I must also add that I am a bit disappointed in that most of the servers for the merged game are full real, while that is obviously more realistic ,I can't fly like that I just get lost and confsed very quick I can't manage the engine I can barely make out fuzzy instruments and can't shoot anything . So I'm thinking it wasn't meant to be I guess I'll just play pf online and save the rest for offline use, except when I find a server with people in it that I can fly in .
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    Well for the vulching i always use a good trick that works every time, Take a He111 and 2 x 2000kg bombs, set delay to one second, wait till the bait is reeling in, then drop your bombs. Its always funny to see them blow up in the sky or hit the ground, bye bye vulching points .
    Dont forget to type "OOOOOPS wrong button" in the chatbar. Now you have time to take off after you have hit "refly".
    If they kick you from the server, well who cares, there alot of other servers.
    When the Pe8 is flyable (some servers have the AI bombers) take the 5000kg bomb it is even more fun.


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    SLO you must be picking bad servers I think.

    You will die continuously until you get better, everyone does, this is a very hard game compared to others.

    I recommend UKdedicated 1 for you. You can fly wonderwoman view just until you get better, speedbar is on and map icon too.

    Its very much a historical server with relaxed settings and the admins are great, vulching is not allowed and most people will help you out if you ask a question (as long as you are not toop annoying )

    If I see you on there I will help you out. <targets tells you where to defend and where to attack to win the map for your team.

    Try it out! If I see you on there I will help you.
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    Agree - UKDedicated1 is a good server to get started on.

    And don't worry about getting killed - you will be massacred for some time, but the more you fly, the more you will improve.

    Almost everyone here did time as target drone mate and some of us still are
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    CD_kp84yb: I did that last night in a Ki-100 I was on my way with 2 x 250kg bombs to the enemy base, when my rival pilot, in a Spitfire bounced me, so I made my way to the deck. After taking a bit of damage, I finally convinced myself to drop them, as it was likely I was gonna make it to the airfield. Well lo and behold, up he went in a woosh of flame and a woosh of language too Nah he was a good sport
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    Slo: I fly Winds of War and WarClouds....just drop in and say "Wassup"
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    nice one hotelranger, if you did that while he was in persuit, its realy big fun to take him out.
    Now the B25 has also a loadout for the 6 o clock folks, hahaha the parabombs, i have surprised a few times some fighters on my six this way.
    the flew straight into the parachutes, and after that straight into mother earth.
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    what Xiola said Slo!
    then after you get more practice...you can come to ukdedicated2...then onwards and upwards!

    it's all practice nomatter where you fly slo.

    I been playing too much of oblivion lately...need to fly...must fly...I'll probably be rusty,so might well be on ukd1 aswell!
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    Hey there slo!

    Do you have a microphone mate? If so I strongly recommend you find Teamspeak2 here (click 1st Download link for "Client.. 5.59MB").

    Then fire up HL find the Spits v 109s server and see if you can find me, 402_ Fenrir. If I am there, get on TS and I'll fly with you mate!

    It's a full real, but it has the advantage of removing that constantly vulched atmosphere, plus, although you can get shot down easily, if you keep your wits about you, its easier to get kills - no F6 key means its actually possible to bounce and surprise people which when you're starting out is gonna be your main way of getting kills.

    That offer is open to anyone who wants to try out full real BTW.
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