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    this is bugging me...its no big deal, but i t bugs me...when you rebuild a place in the villa, they let you go inside the rebuilt place, and theres a couple chest. however, after i fixed up the mines, i cant get in...its frustrating, cause even in the guide they say you get to open the mines, yet it wont open...anyone able to get in there? its in the back of the outer wall of the villa...
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    theres not much money in there anyway dude. it is also not a very big place, you have to get around some pillars and other obstacles to get to the chests. i wouldnt worry about it. the game has a lot of glitches like that.
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    There are 2 doors behind the Villa are you sure your at the mine entrance? I don't know what one is for.

    If you go further around the mine entrance shoud be past it.
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    one of the doors is for the auditore family vault, the other is just an open cave, that is the mine entrance

    999 XD
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    This got me too.

    If you're at the crack in the bedrock, with an iron gate blocking your way, you're NOT at the mines.

    The mines are to the left of that opening and exactly centered with the rear of the Villa.
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    As said before though, it's not worth heading into any of the buildings in the Villa unless you're still in the earlier sequences; you only get around 600 florins per building.
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    Yeah. Only whorth something if you deffenelty collect all of the chests that gives no reward except from the collected money offcourse.
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    yeah, ive done most of the game, so im clearing everything off every map, and it was bugging me that that final chest was there...but thanks anyhow. =P
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    Did you check the well to the east of the villa? Someone on another thread mentioned it and I went down & found the last treasure.
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    Yeah, the well and the mines treasure chests are the deepest hidden. Make sure you check those, and remember the church!

    You should easily be able to collect all the chests in the game after Monteriggioni is clear. However, the ones on the mountain carriage trail are annoying, as it is tedious to backtrack and find them, but still no big deal.
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