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    The latest PS3 patch... so, um, what does it do? Haven't heard anything from Ubi about it and can't find anything on the web.
    I /really/ hope it fixes matchmaking, it's the only thing ruining a perfect game.
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    i think it mostly fixes multiplayer issues, like the profiles reseting and other stuff.

    not sure where the official details are.
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    Thanks, it does seemed to have fixed some of the matchmaking issues, I got into a game within 5mins, before I've been staring at the screen for 45mins ><
    Did have one or two problems though where I got kicked from the game, but at least getting into the game and connecting with friends is much easier.
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    Some things I noticed after the patch (not documented):

    - Disguise now can transform you on a persona used on the match.
    - When you exit a bale of hay, you stay more time with hay on your clothes (at least I noticed this on my pursuers)

    Problems (at least here):

    - Disconnection from host is happening at a high rate -_-, rarely ocurred before the patch.
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    It also added more trophies to the mix, which means now I'll never get that 100%. -_- I hate when companies just add more trophies to games instead of seperating them. Not to mention adding trophies to the first AC would make the game berable to replay. And yet, they still have not put an update that gives me the trophies I missed due to a stupid game glitch.

    Oh yeah, and I have also noticed that there seem to be a lot of disconnects, especially when I have a whole crapload of points.
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